Why do we say Tang Seng is the best entrepreneurs and Sun Wukong is not

in the Chinese classical novel "journey to the west", Sun Wukong was portrayed as a demon in addition to the magic of the devil, and Tang’s monk is weak and incompetent monks. But if you want to say now to start the business, then the probability of success is often greater than Sun Wukong Tang monk. Tang’s monk than Sun Wukong what things? It is a noble faith, but know how to use the incompetent, a benevolent heart, with good interpersonal relationship. So Tang Seng can do leadership, to lead Sun Wukong, and although Sun Wukong is our hero, but he can not do a great cause, he must rely on a monk’s leadership to lead.

"incompetent" second things, monk, and Sun Wukong is not incompetent". "Incompetence" is also a leader’s wealth! Tang Seng because of incompetence, so he will appreciate the ability to be able to accommodate the "capable" of other shortcomings, in order to find three capable apprentice to protect themselves. If you have great magic power, according to Sun Wukong’s personality, would not be willing to follow him. It is because of Tang’s incompetence, so Sun Wukong had the opportunity to play, he also had the opportunity to fully realize their value on the way to learn.

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