White porcelain doll DY graffiti Park in front of a very profitable business

when we were at the amusement park or when playing in the park, often can see a lot of adults with their children graffiti on a white product on the scene, in fact, this project is just a small business project, which has good prospect of it? Look at the small series of analysis. The

said graffiti project, people may think of graffiti walls, graffiti graffiti shoes, shirts, but you have heard of the white porcelain doll DIY graffiti project? The seller makes a variety of animation modeling of the white porcelain doll, and then customers with gouache color, graffiti a piece of work, only need to spend the cost of buying white porcelain dolls, pigment free of charge. Because the price is not expensive and creative, such projects in the park, square, the night market is very popular, often full of customers.

1. the advantage of project operating flexibility, simple to use.

2. choose rich, fun.

according to the operating conditions of the white porcelain doll purchase quantity, join the project costs are divided into 5800 yuan, 7800 yuan, 9800 yuan three, distribution of paint brushes and other appliances manufacturers. In addition, the franchisee must pay 400 yuan deposit to the manufacturers. Graffiti projects do not need to store, which for the franchisee to save a great amount of rent fees. The estimated