Personal webmaster who drives your cheese

2009, I would like to ask you webmaster friends, your site to make money? Perhaps most of the webmaster will say, do not make money, or in the past have earned. Like everyone else, I’ve made a lot of money, and it’s the same as everyone else. This is hope, we won’t give up. We will persist until the Internet disappears (the current scientific development, the Internet is estimated to disappear within 100 years). Only insist on the possibility of success, the question is, webmaster, what do you insist on?. Today, we’ll look into the relationship between web sites and search engines.

N years ago, we all believe that a consensus, website development mainly depends on the content, especially the original content, this sentence is actually a search engine to tell the owners, especially Baidu, they only capture the original content, the network most original and pseudo original station is completed, now all original articles are entered Baidu encyclopedia, Post Bar, and "know" Baidu went to the station. You can search Baidu in a few hot keywords, you can see the most easy to be visitors to the location, are Baidu’s station search. Such as "Xiao Shenyang" and "grand finale"". There are many users search questions, are Baidu content inside the station. As a webmaster you are not very angry?. There must be a ranking of the original content of the web page? Here, we must not angry, and do not blame Baidu, this is the trend of development, especially after Baidu was CCTV exposure. Here we also talk about Google, although Google like Baidu so BT, but Google is not what good bird, according to our observation, Google and other similar to Baidu’s website Tianya Post Bar special weight, is actually a partnership. Do you still believe in Google’s natural rankings,


in conclusion, we are all about the changes we are going to mention. Fortunately, we have seen the trend of change. When Baidu xiemoshalv and perhaps some of us can not accept, but when Baidu does not tell you that he does not do so. Baidu eat by the webmaster, all was Baidu brush once. And it was a serious one. Of course not all belong to the reason depends on Baidu or Google, after all, a lot of Web Information depreciation is the most terrible, a story of the same, can have N methods, I really admire China webmaster editors, you too bad. It’s still innovative to wear the right shoe on the left. Unfortunately, a man has only two feet. Content innovation alone will not save personal websites.

mentioned changes, we suggest you webmaster to see more "who pushed your cheese" this book. Just complaining about the environment or yourself doesn’t really solve the problem, and it doesn’t change the outcome. Every day against Baidu, anti Google. No fun. Rather than calmly analyze and brave to explore new directions. However, when you mention SNS, you may see some hope, because SNS does not depend on search engines to a great extent, but you must remember it. QQ is also SNS, Baidu space is also SNS development model, of course, we can not compare with these sites, but most people are running to these big sites, your S>

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