Since the media dilemma, please make preparations for transformation

may from the media in this industry like business owners, owners have to go there? Yes, people from the media today is also the transition sellers, Shoutu, or for a long time did not update the spatial dynamic Steamed Rice last concern QQ space is relatively hot, since the media do not imagine so beautiful, writing can open membership fee the charges, then the profit can feed themselves or make changes in their life, but this is only in the imagination, and not reality, reality is doing that profit is not so good, but it is difficult to open, pay to recruit members, suddenly found no takers, there is a few sporadic people, which can not achieve self value, then refund to support the reader, and then pay off the ring, this is the most people from the media Operating profit model of important problems, there is only one reason, it is quick, no good internal strength training is like a paper bag is not the fire, will burst sooner or later.

successful infrastructure,

According to

Steamed Rice understand understand 08 started a diary, from the beginning of the 13 year pay to read, understand and write six years to pay to read, in the first half of 13 was 120 per year, the second half of ten times the price, of course he did pay before the other charges, that is every day in the diary to push a person and this is his advertising, now do not do. There are pine pine like brother, brother after pay in Mou Changqing will soon open pay circle at that time seems to be 1800 per year, and four or five years of practice song brother began paying circle. More than two are known to God character circle, the internal strength training is quite high and thick, such people are not success is difficult ah.

looking for new ways to transform

for our grass root in the short term profit is really difficult, mainly is the fame is not big enough to want quick profits, so how to do, it is waiting for the transformation or to engage in other work, here first explain the transition is not lost all before we write the main industry, but looking for a business to take off together let us do the project, since the media have sources of funds to the following to do so, to know a lot of things are made of money to maintain insist, if there is no source of livelihood to say really is an empty word. When it comes to the project Steamed Rice thinks it best website, sellers, advisory service business, after all these projects meet people from the media to do, and it is easy to have a source of income.

one, do website

webmaster go there, I believe most of the media from the public or public operation, but since the media is not so good to do, it is so long to no profit phenomenon. That had left the website industry why do not go back, continue to do from the media or public operations, a good horse does not eat grass, grass but maybe more than the grass in front of more fat? Because since the media do not earn money, choose to go back to the site, maybe you get profit, today’s website industry competition is less, the first record is cut off not >

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