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does anyone agree that you are not tempted because the temptation is not big enough?


at the beginning of 90s, I worked as an intern in a shopping mall. The mall was being held in a prize sales activities, will be a heap of table tennis in the carton in mojiang. What are the prizes? The first prize is a prize of two acrylic blanket, a woolen blanket, third-prize is a pencil. Every day, the mall will give away the head prize and the second prize for a long time, so only four or five people can get the first prize and the second prize in a day. But people are still enthusiastic, shopping malls unprecedented popular! Prize sale for six days, the result? Our pure students are arranged to help count the money, as money received Duide Xiangshan, simply does not fit the usual send bank cashbox, average daily sales soared three times! The people at that time was too poor. So, an acrylic blanket is a great temptation, attracted tens of thousands of people to luck.

This is not a

partition, since ancient times, because of potential enrichment, by potential examples emerge in an endless stream. In the October 6th discussion, there was a small controversy about a recruitment information that was first taken by a small group of people. This can also be called a profit. We must face up to the existence of Li, the key is how to draw up the rules of profits, and then create a good situation, so that both sides at the same time profit!

!Good rules such as

can be set in the light of its general trend, King Yu combating the flood, the trickle into rivers and lakes, and the sea. For example, a variety of sports competition rules, always follow the situation need to be revised, in order to keep watch and competitive; the Olympic Games must do more, because popularity is not enough, after the Beijing Olympic Games, women’s softball and men’s baseball program will be temporarily out of the Olympic games. The abolition of these two projects, the deep-seated reasons behind it is still the trend of interest. In Chinese Xiantao, why is the gymnastics town? A lot of Gymnastics Athletes in glory, fame and fortune, inspired the home crowd will send their children Everfount gymnastics Road, which have become fertile ground for cultivation of gymnastics talents, this is the best interpretation of the relationship between potential and benefit.

then, how can I make the best use of the website and forum construction? I generally think of the following aspects. In the website forum, each member’s information has the post, the essence, the integral, the prestige, the money, the contribution, the on-line time and so on data. I’ve only heard about it once, and may get some special powers of browsing in the future. Now that the Jique topic, lack of traffic, it is necessary to strengthen the propaganda, let the data and the current problem of hook to hang at the same time, access to the promotion of publicity should also be popular is


because of the special regional websites and forums, many people are both members of the group members, a part of group communication is in daily life and work of the group, sharing of resources, can try through the definition of group A, with the above data is also linked to? This kind, can also fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all, the line is can be achieved through the efforts, but also on a proper flexibility.

in addition, groups >

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