Station master, are you playing a station or doing a serious job

can do it either for money or for hobbies. The former is what we call "do standing", and the latter is "play station"". Although the two are for the web site, but the meaning is different, but they also complement each other.

today, 3D model man want to tell you is that we as a webmaster, should know that I do stand for what? Especially for the owners just into this line of friends must pay attention to, because the novice webmaster for the pre isconfused website, can not find the direction and goals, do not know to do stand what, slowly lose their interest on the station.

I do stand fast for 5 years, from the original movie station, blog, forum, mobile phone pictures, 3gp film, classified information, local portal, then do not less than 4 of the material has been releasing station, now also operates two stations and two stations of enterprise material. Now summed up done so many sites are in "play", because of the web technology know nothing, only let me continue to do the station in the process of learning and growth, and play is four years.

so, whether you are a novice or a veteran. From the moment of the station, should understand, I do this station is to make money, or learning knowledge, or hobbies.

one, do the station seriously, do it for the sake of life.

full-time webmaster and profitable part-time webmaster, for this sentence, I think in the appropriate. In fact, whether it’s playing or standing, our ultimate goal is to live.

wants to be serious about standing and aiming for a friend. The first station should be a good industry, what do not make money doing what people think that the development of small, short time perhaps you can earn some money. But you lost an opportunity to make money in the long run. You can see from my experience in the station, 08 years when the movie station fire is not good, I made two movie stations, and later took into account copyright or legal disputes to give up. 09 years to start a mobile phone picture station, when traffic easily thousands of IP, but that the domain name has not been selected, there is no brand effect, and I was killed. Then, I started the design forum, but after two months, I did not feel popular, the management was very tired and gave up. Then I did my favorite material station, because the layout is not satisfied, the domain name is not good enough, and there is the security of the site, the site has been sold by me one by one. For example, the famous The Strip and 236Z material channels are all my works. Chinese painting, painting, painting and color are my strong points, so I often have a kind of aesthetic fatigue, a website can not see a few days fresh, just want to change the impulse. However, all the results are because I did not adhere to. Why? Now, it’s all a beginner’s journey. Because you don’t understand, you’re going to pay for it. And I taught myself for 4 years. However, the effort does not pay attention to people, and now I also understand that seriously do stand, do a good job standing in order to long. Now I think I can

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