Tell me about my half year experience

is my first domain name my 3 year 9 registered and bought the first virtual host 500MB. I was trying to do a forum to buy space after No. 12 installed DZ5.5 (March 12th DZ5.5 officially released) when I think that the new program is the best, then found out there will be a lot of BUG you install program can wait until the patch re installed, do not be new.

After the

forum, but has no traffic, very depressed, every day in his update, no one replies, no one post, call to Baidu to find the way to promote the forum, found that there is mailing address mass

and forum blasts the existence of something, but almost all the money, just to find the cracked version, but that is not good, you can send spam to the place is full of rubbish nobody tube station, made no law, e-mail message is useless, you don’t want to do the best on these junk software, there are no shortcuts.

how many people said his new submitted baidu not included, in fact do not submit, I just post on the DZ forum, signed with my web address, you can see a few days Baidu has stood my income. As long as you stand outside the chain of the search engine will come to your station, you can add links to your blog or forum signature, you can also launch with friends, see whether Baidu can be included in the search box input "site: ". You can see in Baidu. About the website promotion, I said my own feeling, is the chain +SEO

is not the chain station SEO we can not get good rankings get more than just exchange the chain Links, because too many reciprocal link exchange more harm than good, can be appropriate to buy some text advertising, cheaper 10 yuan / month and have a lot of.


web site is just a download program, and it’s just not appropriate to install a free template instead of any SEO. If you want to get high traffic, you have to have high quality web pages or a large amount of revenue pages. (the latter is a friend of the garbage station every day doing), and there is doing what you want to do immediately, do not always give things to tomorrow, give an excuse.

to practice their own ideas, not afraid of failure, only the failure of qualified people to succeed. These are some of my essays, may be messy, I hope you forgive me. This paper consists of feeds.

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