Station master forgery of highly fraudulent EMAL

is now a liar really TMD, I don’t say anything, or intermediary transactions to Taobao, Alipay direct bank transfer what must not deal, TMD really despicable liar, liar does not mean actually is not a liar! Liar liar

FUCK friedIn fact, the

as we all know, if used to deceive people, but even a high degree of fraud, as long as the erection of a local SMTP, or get a configuration of the mail service server can realize forged e-mail, but also will not be judged as spam, this I have tried many times to send mass, do not have any relationship so, someone will steal your EMAIL to any


, the following figure is I use the major websites, domain name as the suffix mailbox sent to NetEase, actually NetEase even their domain is not checked, I pour, this is too that…

I gave QQ and GMAIL also issued, both can, this is not to the ulterior motives of a loophole,


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