The legislation forbids human flesh search

         ;     what is human flesh search? As the name suggests, the human search is the use of modern information technology, the traditional network information search to find people who have asked people, touch people, people, people suffer relational network community activities, change the boring process query as "a question, eight Party response, Melaleuca wave, call awakened humanity million heart" search experience. It conforms to the requirement of keeping pace with the times; it conforms to the spirit of reform and opening to the outside world; it conforms to the purpose of putting people first. However, the Jiangsu city of Xuzhou has banned the search for human flesh, which is simply an "eggplant" on a sorghum pole.

"Yangzi Evening News" reported on January 19th: 18, the "Xuzhou computer information system safety regulations" adopted by the eleven session of the Standing Committee of the seventh session of the National People’s Congress, will come into effect on June 1, 2009. The Ordinance clearly said "no" to the "human flesh search" that has been a public concern in recent times".

Xuzhou municipal legislation banning human flesh search is a dog with a – Hu le. Human flesh search can find a drop of water from the bottom of the sea, you can find a grain of sand from the mountains to help users solve problems. This spirit is an indispensable means to safeguard social justice. After the big earthquake in Wenchuan, the search for human flesh crossed the limitation of time and space, helping the masses in the affected areas to obtain information so that family and friends could be reunited

Xuzhou legislation prohibits human flesh search from dogs and sheep skin – bullshit. When the law can do nothing about it, human flesh search is the best moral weapon. It helps to improve social morality and maintain personal integrity. At the same time, the netizen interaction and the whole social supervision have broadened the way of moral condemnation. In Zhou Zhenglong, Zhou Jiugeng, Lin Jiaxiang and other events, human flesh search to uphold justice, good and evil role.

Xuzhou legislation prohibits human flesh search from dogs playing with clubs – Hu rounds. Human flesh search is most widely used, most can manifest the power is a "network surveillance" are parties to the network hot events of the "scalping" action. From the network to the sea cat abuse incident art students abuse division, from the female white-collar "death blog" to "naked" incident, the human search every time can get the true personal information "Ba" glance. It is with great eloquence, cheerful.

generally, the cause of human flesh search is incident, these events may be a crime, such as after the butt escape and so on; it may not be in violation of the law, but the mainstream morality hate behavior, such as extramarital affairs led to his wife and husband Dutch act. I think that human search is the democratic supervision in the new form of the information age, it can let the hideous act of nowhere to hide, yuanxingbilu. Should be sure, worthy of promotion.

the ancients said: "no one is perfect, None is perfect." Indeed, the human search there are widespread excesses, especially with the act of combining harassment, abuse, it is in want of perfection. Therefore, the relevant departments of the state should be domestic

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