Personal webmaster sentiment SNS new station talk about

SNS, the full name of Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. We often refer to making friends, such as UC, home software, thingsns, and so on.

SNS new station how to promote?


dating sites are not as good as they used to be. Everyone is doing it. Innovation is a very important factor. Every day there are many webmasters in building their own SNS site, every day there are many sites because it can not run, or because there is no popularity and bankruptcy. So, as a newly built SNS website, how to run it? How to let everyone play,


one, a good domain name,

when I create a shocking network, because there is no money, so I registered, named shocking home, why call home, now popular 123 domain name suffixes, do not call home? We all do, I do, people will remember. After registering and opening a website, more than 1200 members were drawn up in 20 days, increasing by 60 registered members a day. This shows that a good domain name is very important.

two, a stable, high-speed running space,

if you view your site application in your SNS, take a few minutes to open a page, for he can provide convenient, they will come to your website? The speed as much as possible to provide some details, to do. Because the purpose of doing SNS is to stick to members. You can’t say, people come to run once, then you are very close to failure.

three, a good service reputation.

members to register, administrators do not have any indication, you register to register, so members will decide without humanity. That’s what I did. Lei Ren home registration of new members, I will be the administrator’s identity to send a "welcome" message, leading him to guide what to do, what fun, how to play. So people will be interested in ah?.

four, pull and pull your friend

SNS website relies on the membership of the heat, and if a member to flash once, and that is not good. Pull your best friend, pull a bunch of people inside the discussion, talk. One is all friends, everything can speak, and friends will help you. The other is that other members will actively communicate when they see it.

five, SEO optimization and ranking

this is not to say, this is sure to do, but also must do.

six, update


that’s what I did. Get a website on the front page

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