New web site experience to spider gourmet

how to make Baidu and Google search engine included new sites, for example, I just made a new Yancheng comment, is a comment on life information station in the 2 day is Baidu spider swallowed, third days have been included in the Google, to share my new collection of experience, we share, new sites just baked in general the practice is well after the station is eager to go to Baidu Google and some other directory submit to submit new sites, but this effect is not very good, looks like the general spider are relatively cheap (ha ha of the people who don’t know not to hear, K broken my station), love himself. Personally send him mouth not interested. General new keyword has not been very good ranking. New station line, the most important things: keep updated, do a few chains (pay attention to quality, do not pay attention to quantity), the quality of the article to improve. Under normal circumstances, as long as the intention to do, ten days included new station is absolutely no problem.

new sites should not frequently modify the title of the website. Determine the title of the website, and each column name, can be appropriate personalized, so that spiders feel very fresh, very interesting, and put their appetite hanging up, determined after the good, do not arbitrarily change. After defining the column, start adding content and updating the content of the website.

often in engine spider forums, Sina forum, Tianya, laggards, stationmaster net, A5 and other well-known forum to post, the top post, forum signature can be set to your site added to them, as long as the post or the top post is likely to win a link back to your site. Baidu space first page to find some recommendation space, in their space messages and links, can also speed up included. Maybe a accidentally swallowed by a spider. For their own website to write several pieces of high quality soft Wen to the laggards, stationmaster net, station webmaster gathering place to publish, if you write well, reproduced by many webmaster, you get not just the reverse link, visibility ah website traffic will be enhanced.

website add to favorites, QQ bookmarks, dig station, Baidu search, Sina collection, n network stations and so on too many places can leave the new address. The end of the question and answer to Google included, Baidu know, Wikipedia entry to Baidu included is good, Yahoo knowledge hall is also good. There is a good way to Google Webmaster, verify the alliance with Baidu inside the website, verify their website ownership, is actually a spider to invite my new look, walk the way the website can quickly stroll, new sites included.

the most direct way to bring your own or friend’s Web site, or friends of the site can also. If the site snapshot updated every day, then your new site is easily included. Use blogs, add a link to my blog site and point to my new station. Blog update speed is also worth looking forward to, content is the premise of originality. Because content is the soul of the website, release some wonderful articles and keep a certain number of them every day

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