Talking about the present situation of ADMN5 and M286

recently often see ADMIN5 and IM286 these two sites, very like, often read some articles, found that everyone’s idea is very good, it is worth learning. Recently found a strange phenomenon, ADMIN5, some articles IM286 also, and the reverse is also, I do not know whether the author or editor of the transfer. No matter how the quality of the article, and strive to do what people have, I also have, I do not have the point. In fact, as a webmaster, we do not need low-quality articles. So many soft Wen is too soft, see the waste of time, no use, also angry.

below talk about A5, this station is very good, the development model is right, IM, or forum model?. I used to go there, but now I don’t go to see A5 because the A5 article is easy to find, and the IM forum model seems laborious and difficult to find. Each has its own characteristics. As for CHINAZ also has its own characteristics, mainly procedures attract more webmasters. Big and small websites, I have done a lot, from the beginning of K666 to the present, have seen, seen, done a lot. But I admit that I am not a successful webmaster, at least SEO aspect is not, promotion is not in place, persist is not enough, so until now there is no can take out the hand of the website to everyone show.

but the experience is still there, do love literature stands when young, like doing according to the station, then follow suit to do stand, what do then is what the fire network, resources station, and then do the dumpster, then do stand according to the needs of a journey, I think this is the most Adsense experience. Just think, what do we do for the purpose of the station? What kind of population is the user? What advantages do we have and what kind of shortcomings do we have?.

advantage: young, energetic, with ideas.

disadvantages: lack of experience, lack of funds. If you have a lot of money, you can do it now. He has Kaixin001, rich people out of a KAIXIN, and dare to do rankings in BAIDU, cattle ah,


give you one of the most important words: life needs to adhere to, do the same need to adhere to the website, promotion also need to adhere to. Owners ask themselves, there are several websites in hand is more than 3 years of operation, generally adhere to the 3 years of the site is now good, there are unique, do not rely on enthusiasm to do the station. I have known a webmaster 01 start, still have the same stand, 8 years now! A lot of income is not full of sound and colour, the garbage station


well, I’ve written so much, and sum up what I’m saying.

first, to stand to adhere to, forget more, BAIDU for the year long station favorite, not completely matching keywords are in the key of the station above.

second, go its own way, do not see what the fire do today, to adhere to the position as old, and well in place to dig where no water.

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