The latest method of application via Google Adsense

online now could be seen everywhere Google Adsense provides advertising, mainly because the Google Adsense provided by advertising in general than the domestic league advertising price to be higher (because of US dollars), and advertising pages and Google Adsense, are better, this will bring more hits, but we know to apply for Google Adsense advertising is more and more difficult, many online friends are reflected in the Google Adsense account does not apply, writing this article today and everyone together to discuss the application of Google Adsense in some places worthy of attention:

1. first you need to prepare a domain name that is registered for more than 6 months. This was mentioned many times during the rejection of Google Adsense’s reply. This is actually easy to get. .CN domain name, one yuan, one more. It’s easy to trade on ename. Domain name does not necessarily have to.COM, because it is too expensive,.Cn is fine.

2.Google Adsense refers to the quality of web pages, and they value it more. Those who rely on collection, random accumulation of the station, or just a station soon, there is no specific substantive content of the station, it is difficult to examine and approve. Then we can look at other people’s pages. Try to make yourself stand pretty and practical. So, there are ideas, you go to the Internet to refer to how other people’s company pages do, and then imitate yourself to do a similar station to go to apply for Google Adsense. That way, the certainty of being recognized by the Google Adsense is still very large.

3. if you do not have their own website, or your website does not have what size so the other way is to let people out of domain name and web content to apply Google Adsense reply to tell you when to confirm all rights of domain name, all of you to contact the domain name, and then let him help you confirm the domain name all rights issue. Is to the website of the space, pass a document just, very simple, good and webmaster talk about, should still can promise, this in Taobao on behalf of other people to register, Google Adsense people in the widespread use of this method.

all right, don’t say anything superfluous. This is the latest and best way to apply for Google Adsense. Pass rate can be said to be more than 95%. Good luck to all of you. As long as the method is properly used, generally a week you can apply for down, then can set advertising your Google code on the Adsense you want to put the page on the Google, Adsense is not required for which a site must be placed Google Adsense code in which a website. When the code is ready, you can start your network

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