Tourist one-stop service is the trend, is also fashionable

one-stop tourist consumption service has been the trend and direction of online tourism industry. But there has been very few websites that have done it more successfully. But in recent years, with the escalation of website function and product services, content and channels to increase and enhance the transparency of the website, users can more easily achieve a variety of tourism related search and booking, travel one-stop service is not a distant dream, it has been many websites into reality.

travel one-stop service platform is to represent the general trend, when you plan to travel, there are many tourism destination websites on the Internet, hotel supplier website, online travel agencies, as well as some search platform and comment on the site, the site is various, and the user’s time is less valuable, price and service level fuzzy uncertainty it is easy to cause the user’s travel fatigue syndrome. The user’s obsession is also a market demand. Today, in the domestic online travel market, the major platforms are developing one-stop tour services, trying to provide users with the most detailed, thoughtful, most reasonable and most convenient service.

travel one-stop service platform is also a fashion. In 2010, Shanghai, World Expo, has been successfully opened for a month, with the number of visitors reaching a record high, and the statistics are constantly being refreshed. And this month’s entrance exam, World Expo will usher in a college entrance examination student travel boom, I believe that the Expo will continue to record the number of visitors. World Expo is in full swing, and online travel is busy. Shanghai World Expo not only promotes the local tourism industry in Shanghai, but also promotes the development of tourism industry in the surrounding Yangtze River Delta region. With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people are traveling. Leisure tourism has become a fashion. Booking travel related tickets, tickets and hotels through the Internet is a fashion. In the face of numerous travel related sites, improve the efficiency of reservation, saving travel time and cost has become the largest tourism pursuit of users, in this case, a one-stop travel service can provide the most close to the user, the most reasonable price, the most convenient service process, to obtain high-quality travel service platform by users. In World Expo, the traditional tourism services have been completely unable to meet the demand, there will be more people through the online travel sites experience one-stop tourist consumer services, which will become fashionable in the fashion,

during the Expo, the search engine went to, which launched a new product – holiday travel channel, and has been successfully running on the line. Marks the domestic and international travel booking, inquiry, wine, tourism, reservation, car rental, visa and other one-stop, comprehensive search service positioning established, will be the best choice for domestic users travel staff. The channel firmly seize the World Expo craze, the channel covers the Shanghai, World Expo, Raiders, venues, Shanghai and the surrounding 15 scenic spots full range of tourist information. And hotel, air ticket and holiday booking service. To which network, in positioning and to create a one-stop travel, three-dimensional services to which mesh?

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