Do stand also pay attention to the matter, everything goes naturally

many webmaster always in the website just started a few days to complain, can’t find a good friend connection, Baidu not included. Or say, "if who, who and I friendship connection, I can also have how much, how many IP?"……. That’s too much to hear. Because I am also a novice webmaster, I just began to worry about, I find friendship connection, others do not want to connect with me. While others find me, I always feel bad about others.

through 360 theaters 3 months of construction, everything from 0 to IP, close to 30 thousand, pv40 million, PR3 (this is lucky, domain name registration 10 days later, just dare to update GG PR). I got too much experience. Do station to step by step, never seek instant success. At the beginning, and everyone else, not included in the station. I found some ways to buy connections on the Internet. I was behind the times. Even to many webmaster blog left my figure. (if you have my advertisement on the blog, don’t scold me), I usually leave a signature, but I will respond with my heart. Later, in an accidental opportunity to hear A5 write soft, the effect is best. That beats me. Primary school compositions have never been passed. But I tried to see the mentality of an article, but also recommended to the home page. I was excited. Hey。 Second days found that there are really a lot of standing with that article. I don’t know whether it is from this article or something. Baidu was updated when it was included. And the weight is very high. Search the cinema row first. There are a lot of movies related to the top 2 pages. It really excited me a lot. Because day IP will soon arrive at 10 thousand.

at this time it feels smooth to say, under their own station included, IP, PR, many webmaster agree to connect, and even many friends come to connect with me. I have experienced the taste of being rejected. So as long as other people are indexed by BAIDU, I agree to do it with them, regardless of their IP and PR. (because some people say that the connection by K’s station will make my station K.) I don’t know if it’s true. I hope Baidu can explain the problem. In that case, I can connect with more friends.

anyway, dear webmaster friends. We are still happier and more liberal in this society. We should be proud to be a small webmaster and manage your station carefully. Happy station. Complain less, and update the contents of the next station. Communicate with friends more often. I’m sure everyone can do better and better. A lot of friends will definitely ask my domain name, why should I use the jump?. I first sold. Write a profit story tomorrow and talk about it. I hope you will pay more attention to pear. Also care about their relatives and friends. Be a happy webmaster!


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