How can Baidu promote business opportunities and monitor it using statistical data

Baidu search promotion business center (Baidu message board) home page shows you today to show the amount of business center trend "and" daily business trend "," the daily visitors message time distribution of three kinds of statistical data.

1, would you like to know the trend of the number of business opportunities?

you can click on the opportunity center to display the volume trend chart, which shows the trend of business center display in the last month, and recently updated to the previous day’s data. Through the business center to display the amount of data, can indirectly reflect the website visitors on your website attention heat. Through the survey, visitors are browsing the product description page, page information agent cooperation and service support contact information page, when the page is most likely to produce purchase and cooperation intention, it is recommended that you install the page in the website business center, to seize more opportunities.

2. Would you like to know the trend of the total amount of business received?

you can click on the business opportunity trend chart, which shows the trend of business opportunities in the last month, updated to the previous day’s data. The amount of business opportunities and opportunities Center Web site visitors intention, installation location, web content and business center to attract required contents are closely related. If your business is low, try to increase business center / adjust display position, optimize the website promotion content, more targeted business center set required to improve the content of the website

number of visitor messages.

more suggest you increase search, promotion, investment, keyword quantity, increase enterprise visibility, attract more web visitors to visit your web site.

3 wants to know when the visitors are visiting your website,

you can check yesterday’s time-sharing data and click the business center display option on the right side of the trend chart to see the minutes statistics displayed by the business opportunity center yesterday.

You can

through the statistical understanding of the site visitors to the site of the time distribution, you will find that non working time visits also have very high value, and when the service personnel can not answer the phone or email when Baidu business center to help you retain more potential customers.

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