Am still a station master

my website from 2007, May, please network company to do, a program 4000 yuan, did two months, the result to me is not what I want the website, said the company technician can not do it.

to a forum can be integrated with the main members, nearly lost 10 thousand yuan. All I cheated, give me some forum members, not the integration of the NetEase in the forum. Take the money and do not see him on-line QQ people have.

website in August on-line, has been constantly in the revision, in Baidu three months did not include a page, and I add a few news every day, has been waiting for more than three months, also did not see Baidu included.

to the middle of November, Baidu included the start, after the first five pages to two days no see, waited for more than 10 days, called Baidu, reply: people do better than me, first included other website first, then call me…

at the beginning of the December, Baidu began to quickly included my site, prior to December 13th, Baidu in the past few days I included a total of more than 10 thousand pages.

In December 13th

network server is broken, I wait until January 15, 2008, the network company responded that the company went bankrupt, if all the programs and data, do I need to pay in order to give my website program and data, I have no money on this website, I only half of the program data and a half, from maintenance of website, there. Apply one more space yourself, and put it this way. In this, I have repeatedly asked people to modify the site, a modification in 200 yuan to 500 yuan, but also some people free to help me modify several times. Up to now, the site has returned to normal search, and now the site has IP between 300 and 400.

introduced by the friends know this station network, I have been looking at what optimization, what SEO article, also saw a few months, always want to put their own website according to the SEO article on what to do, "lose weight, keyword optimization, can increase the flow. Contact several people, the cost should be between 5000 and 8000. Feeling too high, in the QQ group in the hair of these information, and contact me a lot of people, the result is the loss of me, money has repeatedly been cheated.

funny is that these are SEO technicians, optimization of my website people can not think of Justice: I want to lose weight ", which I received was he put my web page code to remove half of all, and then send to me, that is to lose weight, even more ridiculous is that in this time, I the same way for people to cheat once again, let me say what the website keyword search, ranking in the top three, as long as 50 yuan per month, plus 100 yuan a page optimization. In this way, the site lost weight, I lost more than 3000 yuan.

on the QQ because they can modify the site, the site re up, the results of the site by the network company, promotion software to keep up with the hair on my website information, my station is hardware >

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