How is UGC evolving from online to offline Where to

recently agile studio to cooperate with Baidu, Baidu direct number on the opening of "one hundred thousand @ meow Star Plan", the user can directly enter the page creation meow star people, different from the traditional line is April 4th in space "798 Holy One hundred thousand meow star who held offline activities, online users can watch the users of the line and the next line of work, users can also watch online user creation through large screen works, can participate in online and offline, the involvement of the UGC mode is very fresh, this led me to think and rethink the evolutionary process of UGC from the time dimension as well as online and offline.

, explain UGC


called UGC (User Generated Content) is a concept of user generated content at the time of WEB2.0, that is the meaning of user generated content, users through the Internet to share their original content on the website.

one, online, non real time UGC – from BBS to other

domestic Internet has just started: fewer people access the Internet, and UGC is mainly based on forums.

domestic Internet just started, a forum is a very fashionable thing, according to an Internet veteran recalls, at that time a forum at the same time only a dozen people online at the same time, he made a post, found a few days later someone replies to himself, Xin Xiruo suddenly felt mad, it was a chaotic era.

in 1995, Ma Huateng set up the FIDO ShenZhen Railway Station, when the equipment funds as high as 50 thousand. 96 years, Qiu Baijun and Lei Jun respectively in Zhuhai and Beijing set up the "west line" and "West Point" site. Ding Lei and Ma Huateng met by FIDO then.

in short, it was a time for geeks to get excited. The railway station leaders met and met each other through websites. They came from all over the world and had great enthusiasm for the internet. With a little bit of popularity of the Internet, the forum from the geeks park gradually to those willing to try something new and popular, but also in the forum of the air after the achievements of the BBS site, Tianya, Xicihutong, each local forum etc.. Discuz forum system to do the Dai Zhikang, but also after the wind and water.

then, the forum has a variety of variants, watercress group, Baidu paste bar and so on.

Internet tariff decline, user growth: Forum has been unable to meet the needs of UGC communication, SNS and micro-blog and other forms of rise, users return to self display.

with the development of technology, the Internet tariff also began to decline, began to increase the number of users, and the attendant is demand outbreak, the traditional BBS has been unable to meet all the needs of the user, up from a sense line is just below the line, is human reduction, netizens have not in the forum continuous presence, steering to a greater degree of self display platform – S>

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