AdSense for future advertising alliance imagination

and my old friend teahouse tea, chat chat between my job now, I said I was advertising, advertising industry, like the ancient with a big horn shouting in the street, and now we are opening a window on the Internet at different channels, but in different ways. The purpose remains the same.

he has some understanding, and some do not understand, I said, is the kind of web browser you will be a lightweight jump out of the moment, seize your eyeballs online advertising. Suddenly, he is surprised when see light suddenly, after he frowned, he does not understand asked me "why choose this industry, usually see network consulting, can not stand is suddenly jump out of the ads, they always disturb his mind, not let him jump is to let him a burst of indignation, why do I choose this for


listened to his question, I know smile, yes, when I get to the Internet often meet this, every time is upset in a complete mess, to fork out, after it can play out, see a text is usually in the fork and fork repeatedly in the past. I have never understood the business and have never thought of doing it in the future. However, when I really entered this line, began to learn to understand, experience, try to master, I changed, and I fell in love with the industry, I think the industry will have great development in the future. Because China is more and more quickly into the Internet era, more and more people to work and life are moved to the Internet, advertising is no exception, Internet advertising is inevitable trend, and the development of Internet advertising is the future can be expected Chinese emerging Internet project.

everything exists, must have its value, network advertising is no exception, it exists because it is driven by society, by the public need to be recognized by manufacturers. The public, they need more timely understanding of the product consulting, discounts and so on; online advertising model manufacturers recognized the more direct more precise positioning of consumer groups; social needs from multi-channel, multi angle understanding of people are now talking about what, what to pay attention to all of these, the network advertisement can do. In short, online advertising is a product of social needs, and in this era of consumers is God, the earliest understanding of their psychological, and respond to it is online advertising.

of course, that’s not enough to make me feel like an advertising alliance is a good business. In fact, most let a little proud of me is a food network advertisement may decide the quality of one breakfast every day; a recruitment network advertising may decide a person’s future work in the industry; a marriage network advertising may indicate the future direction of the other half of a person. Online advertising, unconsciously, integrates people’s lives and helps people live a better life. I think if it continues to develop, perhaps in the future, the industry will become like a supermarket where people can pick and sell ad products and pay for follow-up…

he was amazed at my work

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