How to find a way out of the movie station nowadays

some people say that now go to the movie station, is the person will do, but is it really? Why do people have a new station for 1 months IP can have thousands of people for 1 years, and some also hundreds of IP? This is the gap, some people say that the station is no garbage collection some people say that their traffic, server access is slow, so the flow of small, is it really


the movie station I put it into two categories, one is the pure Daolian film station, must ensure the effective daily update the connection two is a large number of movies; with their own server offers to watch the movie service website, this website needs more sophisticated capital investment, especially bandwidth, large flow bandwidth will become a bottleneck after website development.

              1, pure hotlinking movie station construction: this kind of website is not what to say, almost do not need to do what technical content is very simple, first to rent a virtual host to DOWN a movie program can open dry. What advantage is not so investment threshold is very low, the disadvantage is the film connection failure quickly, the daily need to spend a lot of effort to update the movie, don’t try to update a few days, look at your site will be left with a few people


2, with its own server movie station construction: first of all, there is a preliminary preparation, that is, ready servers, bandwidth and movie programs. The worst thing is the hard disk in the server, it shall not be careless, I have several large capacity station movie free friends initially is to use the IDE hard disk, is cheaper, not long after the hard disk is read out, resulting in the loss of a large number of movie resources, then come to me a nose a tear to cry the (actually I want to put some resources to him, you know I don’t say so, good hearted) to save money, at least do video server using SATA hard disk, here I recommend the use of 4 250G SATA RAID5, so regardless of space and reading speed is very good enough. If you’re rich, you can buy SCSI hard drives, but 1T has tens of thousands of them. You don’t recommend it for your newly started movie site. Bandwidth is the best use of 100M alone, we count an account, the actual flow of 100M exclusive is 10M (up to 10M, there are 8 9M well), a movie per second at least 50~70KB to read the user the most smooth viewing, then your 100M bandwidth can support around 170 people at the same time to watch. Are you using 10M alone or 100M sharing, can support several people online at the same time? I have several friends who are working in the network company, they use the company’s server to save the server, and the bandwidth of the money, but the other is out bile. The website procedure question is simple, casually in on-line DOWM one, N many.


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