2008-07-26 day PR update a bit of feeling

07-26 day, that is, yesterday, we all found that the PR value of their website has changed a lot, and this time the PR update is not the same as before. The specific performance in the following aspects:.

1: never PR station is now a high PR. I saw in the city "often go to a lot of people inside the forum said, just a few months not update the station, now have PR2, there are two dumps have PR3.

2:, a large number of sites appear PR value. Many are idle, no updates, nor do what links site, now also brought PR.

, when everyone is happy, do we have to think about it,


domain name inside the city there is a friend said, the major portals in the PR also rose, this is the one or two years never seen before. But these to our webmaster what impact? Do large website now PR up, we can feel happy when


to sell the link to the webmaster, PR is one of the important reference data, in the past, when we stand PR for the 3 time, the number of stations is 3 PR, and the number of PR3 stations willing to sell links? So the link price can be expensive, but now the? Everyone is PR3, you have to sell a good price?

, if everyone’s Web site PR is the same high, and is very simple can go up so high, then in the future, PR can become you evaluate a site of important data,

?I want to

, will also have a lot of negative factors for the PR rise, I remember a word said: if all the praise of a company all the people, just as there is no praise. Hope that PR can return to the previous state evaluation.

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