Micro business stories where the derivative is WeChat electric injury

lead: recent discussions on micro business growing, whether it is micro CEO Sun Taoyong’s SDP social distribution, pocket micro shop all electricity providers, since the media cash or Yu Minhong investment "V store", have caused no small repercussions in the derivative industry.

recent discussion about micro business intensified, whether it is micro CEO Sun Taoyong’s SDP social distribution, pocket micro shop all the electricity supplier, since the media realized or Yu Minhong investment "V shop", have caused no small repercussions in the derivative industry. The rise of micro business as early as the outbreak of O2O, if you want to inventory this year’s electricity supplier tuyere, micro business absolute list. Although I could not judge micro business can usher in the future, but it is certain that once the outlet is opened, the trend will affect the arrival of the whirlwind following Taobao, another change China e-commerce business forms.

sometimes the ideal and the reality are always far away, in the revelry behind, some questions have to let the human ponder deeply. Micro business on a watermelon, let entrepreneurs have a very careful feeling. The reason is because the micro business besides thinking there is no sellers, a clear business model, the author has some concerns.

micro business war is WeChat electric injury

although micro quotient is not equivalent to WeChat electricity supplier, but WeChat electricity supplier is the most important part of micro quotient, without WeChat users involved, all mobile providers will become a "mall island."". Micro business is difficult to grow and WeChat has a large part of the reason, first of all, to the electricity supplier + Networking (first transaction relationship) based 1 times and the social + electricity (first and 2 main trading relationship) era is inconsistency; secondly, because both the user experience, all kinds of restrictions and hit the circle of friends the result of doing business as micro playing guerrilla warfare". Afraid of friends shielding, but also afraid of the official ban, can only hit a gun for a position; again, WeChat do electricity providers, really is still holding pipa. Neither dare to let go of the pace, and dare not malicious marketers severely punished. This result is a direct consequence of micro business more and more unscrupulous users more love aguirre. For the overall situation, WeChat also had to insult the load.

investigate the reason, mainly because WeChat immature electricity supplier. At present, WeChat electricity supplier mainly has four forms: the first is the main shopping Jingdong B2C business; the second is to store the WeChat C2C business; third is mainly based on the enterprise business service number; the last one is the micro business sellers circle of friends. From these four models, the Jingdong reluctantly said shopping is just passable, WeChat store, customer service number can only do the most precipitation, the most popular potential than the micro business circle of friends, but this model is also the most is to let users and the official most unpopular. Where the micro business, where will directly affect the commercialization of WeChat’s development, once there are other more suitable for mobile electricity supplier platform appears, WeChat’s flow entrance hegemony challenges.

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