How to set up the dressing room

we know that the fitting room in the clothing store plays a very important role in the fitting room must pay attention to some details, otherwise it is easy to cause customer dissatisfaction. Set up in the shop, the fitting room can be said to be able to sell clothing is an important part of the chain, then, clothing store dressing room how to set up reasonable? Let’s take a look.

fitting room is the most fatal problem is the lack of privacy. Everyone has to go through the stages of the show when they are trying to do something. Therefore, the design of the fitting room should focus on the protection of consumer privacy issues. For example certain "Fang" dressing room "door" is a cloth curtain, pull the lax will leave a slit, call forth terror in the hearts of dressing. This is not, there are three dressing room, one of them just to the storage room on the two floor of the stairs, you can clearly see the people downstairs, and the stairs there can clearly see the fitting room from the drapes above. Even if the fitting room to prepare more, but also can not allow consumers to feel comfortable in the test clothes.

area is not too small

the fitting rooms are usually just only one person, especially those underwear chain stores. If consumers grow more meat, then I’m sorry. The fitting room is to provide service for all clothing stores consumption of consumers, not only for consumers to build a good, never let the fitting room become fat consumers feel shame.


, the decoration is not too shabbyThe mirror is not installed


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