As a successful webmaster, let me tell you how succeeded

my title seems a little zhaoma meaning, but does not matter, mainly in order to attract people to come to see, I say I am a successful webmaster this may be because of my success criteria is not so high ah.

"webmaster" is a very vague definition of what people can be called the webmaster? It is usually used to have the person of the website is called the webmaster, a word is very broad, often in "webmaster" the circle mix, can be heard countless "stationmaster" complain that this industry is not good to do every day, not to earn money, work late and so on, what time is late? NetEase Sohu started too early, then you know how to make a website? When there is a search engine? SEO? Have a ready-made program lets you use? A case ready to let you learn from what? Do not, do not take their current skills and knowledge to the last century and the network entrepreneurs than to compare it, so may just call out a station on the Zhang Zhaoyang calendar harm, but the problem is that you may even have a personal home page when people started a century No, Success is by no means accidental. Success is inevitable. Successful people are destined to succeed, but those who complain will never succeed.

introduce myself first, I from Heilongjiang, is currently a member of visa data center entrepreneurial team, visa data is just one of our team is currently operating one of our team members have their own network operation projects, most of which are still operating in our members can make money, that is why successful webmaster, we are all successful webmaster? Is that today I will and network business network friends, Internet entrepreneurs need to know the definition of success.

I can say that our team members are successful stationmaster depends on the criteria for success, in my case, my first personal computer configuration is purchased in 1998, Celeron 333 CPU, 64M memory card is what to remember, the sound card is the flagship 1938, hard 6.4G, when buying a computer is playing the game, the other did not do. My first time online by the end of 2000, because I am in the small area of our home is the first to have their own computer, so in the eyes of outsiders is my master computer, and we have the Internet at the beginning of 2000, when I went to the remote mountainous area, did not touch the electric brain for a year, so when a friend home in the end and I talk about network, OICQ, said he had so many friends like, before the computer newspaper also heard, so likely to speak, and my friends go to Internet cafes to play second days, but when I on the network without IE browser I absolutely ignorant of. Computer input method, even did not go to Internet cafes will certainly lose, because everyone thought I was a computer master. I was so anxious that I realized my potential. I found the five CDs I bought from N a long time ago, and I learned five strokes in one night, and from the old computer

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