Wu Longjie the company that wants to build a website needs to pay attention to the problem

with the development of the Internet, more China Internet users, more and more business owners began to pay attention to the network marketing, and network marketing is the basis of the need to create a website, so that enterprises need to pay attention to what the problem in web design company web sites, SEO needs a new revision of this article mentioned my friend’s website has changed 4 times in what kind of website, such a high frequency of the website is undoubtedly the site in the search engine rankings will be a great impact, why my friend blindly change the website? I think there are several reasons:

1, although the company is small, but the precocious education was founded in just one recruitment is responsible for website design and web promotion personnel, as far as I know, the employee may be the graduates, the design, manufacture of the website is to do with CMS, but he made no ground for blame this, the first site in help the company, in a month’s time to do a website, to display his design level.

2, my friend is a layman in the network, do not know what the website is optimized, after her second company’s website, asked my opinion, I see their company’s website is Comsenz a set of products, such as ucenter+discuz+uchome, I give her the answer is now the website function strong interaction is very strong, but it is not suitable for the enterprise website, who knows one month later she was invited by a website design company to make a website.

This website

3, website design company do not search engine friendly point, full of dynamic pages, change site title, description, keywords are required to change the code, to add online customer service, traffic statistics, I find the design personnel of the company hope they can make some adjustments to the website, but they said more complex, need to change a lot, so I decided to change the site.

is the 3 reason why I summed up the precocious education continuously to replace the site, in fact these problems as long as the boss slightly a little attention can be avoided, in order to avoid other companies to make the same mistake again, I think for the construction site of the company needs to pay special attention to several issues, of course, some small companies, because of the money problem, small companies often do not have professional network promotion and website designers, they generally ask the network company or the newly graduated students to do, and these people are often not related to optimization promotion experience, in the design of the website pays too much attention to the site itself is beautiful, like a large number of pictures, the pages are all dynamic etc..

1, if the company is ready to develop the network market, the first site to do should pay attention to it, the best website optimization and optimization of production company website, if the money has a problem, can consult the website optimization company, to provide a set of optimization scheme, and then hire a web design and web promotion staff according to the plan, design and optimization of the website.


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