The local station half thousand local station boss experience sharing

I now do standing experience for almost a year, and in this year, my site traffic and income basically stabilized, and the site has become the local popularity of the highest and most perfect station. Because the local station competitiveness is relatively small, has its unique particularity. Therefore, its successful experience will not affect the development of the website itself. Here I will say in detail, this year, my website is how to step by step to success?.

1, market analysis and the environment: first I said is a prerequisite, I play the network for many years, although the station didn’t understand, but some network knowledge accumulated before the station played a great help. Zhi River county has a population of nearly 400 thousand, while the urban population is 180 thousand, and the consumption level is relatively high. The site has a government information station, and the local forum has been closed for two years and has no other forums. These basic information is carefully searched on the internet. I set my goal: to build a local type of integrated forum.

2, learning and site: knowledge is from scratch, with the goal, there is a driving force for learning. The Internet is a free teacher. If you know what you don’t understand, search for it and you’ll find what you want. It’s just a matter of time and method. Here is not to say, mainly to say that the actual experience of the station.

3, the content of the website is rich: after the experience is learned, the website is built, and the content is the precipitation of time. Including most of the forum, some sections outside, they have to create a few special novel out, just like an arrow, the public content is arrow body, and new content is arrow. In this way, you can shoot arrows into the body, the content of the site will be popular in the last year. In my website, for example, I have a "free sentence", that is, in the home page to post someone who wants to say a word, so that everyone can see. We have not seen such a section, go in and see, will try. The largest population of this section is the students, at most one day a hundred will have to publish. However, later added the conditions, such as a certain forum currency, so that more can urge members to post.

4, turn back rate: here is the stable flow that stationmaster often says. Make sure the members have something to do in the forums and they’ll never finish it. If daily attendance, I also set up hourly attendance, here can get a score and reward, depending on the situation in the station to grasp the number of points, long time to know. And I don’t pretend to be virtual, but the actual lottery. The first one or two days to the local lottery betting station bought lottery announced at the forum, 50 prize winning the building following split, although the probability is very small but also from time to time to point a small prize. Bonus members generally allow administrators to accumulate and perform offline activities. There are lots of online activities, not one for example.

5, communication and publicity: in addition to the above mentioned online interaction, offline activities are also essential. There are also bad online articles on how to do offline activities. I’m here to talk about my own. If >

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