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website is the most important issue is the stability of the server, this is a novice webmaster should pay special attention to, some owners want to save money, but can not buy affordable, but more trouble, I just get started, when I met such a situation, the stability of the server will directly affect website ranking, the primary problem which is SEO. We must pay attention to, some of the company’s server problems, often cannot be accessed, and repair is a few weeks, the suffering is the webmaster, server stability has a more serious impact on the ranking, the server cannot access some website the same day, second days for third days for IP server, web data Baidu is empty, included only home page. For business sites, time is money, it can not be delayed, or the consequences will be great loss,.

stability will directly affect the site ranking

someone once summed up the experience:

when your site is continuous or intermittent unstable situation, the search engine will deweight the site temporarily for you, until your web server returned to normal after 3-7 days, weight even after a long time to restore the site. If the server has not stable, unstable depending on the length of time, two fault interval, and finally down the right time to adjust, if for a week, or even longer access, is likely to be deleted.

why does this happen? If your site is inaccessible and your visitor will not link it via the search engine, this will seriously affect the user experience of the search engine.

Baidu is usually in the server can not access within two days, will be appropriate to drop the right to deal with. Of course, Baidu will also be able to visit your server every day to see if it has returned to normal. If Baidu’s next visit, the server can access properly, then it will be a few days to test, to ensure that your server is stable, and then deal with the corresponding weight.

stability in order to win the market

website is a very good promotion platform. To survive and develop, besides the characteristics of its own website and product features, the stability and security of the server are also the key factors. The first impression of a website is very important to the customer. If the first impression is not good, it will be difficult to redeem these customers, and it is not easy for them to change their impression of your company. If a website is unstable for a long time, it will have a negative impact on the company’s image, thus affecting the company’s business. Only a stable server site can run steadily, in order to bring more publicity to the enterprise.

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