Reflections on the use of foreign space

did a website some time ago and used foreign space. Pour everyone’s grievances here. I hope you pay attention to the purchase of foreign space, unlimited traffic, unlimited space, in fact, these for us these small sites do not matter, I mainly fancy cheap.

searched for a few days in a very famous foreign space forum in China, and determined the foreign space to buy. Never buy Xianggang second days this station is home to the closure of the mainland. Really depressed, it is estimated that some space providers shameless trick, do not care too much, the background can also visit. But you have to act as agent.

space spent a period of time, found that many netizens reflect the slow access, I feel it should not because the Sino US direct connection fiber optic cable in July before the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing has been officially opened. The speed should be faster, and several sites that use the space before I buy the test are fast enough. After a period of observation, I find that the slow users are all the inland areas, and the speed of the coastal areas can be understood. This is the problem of China’s internet.

finally said that the use of foreign space is indeed more troublesome than the domestic space, mainly to see if you can speak English. Secondly, the function of the foreign space control panel is really rich enough. The price is reasonable, but the drawback is that the US and some parts of the country are really slow to visit. I estimate that this is also the biggest bottleneck in the development of foreign space in China, but other aspects have not yet found any problems.

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