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I have always wanted to find a good

(no idea, but also lazy) in the BBS Global Trading Forum almost 3 months! No one buy! The reason is very simple, after all, cheating sell station than sincerity sell station! You own a small station standard · QQ the following simple chat nets under the close attention that station in


1, can provide statistics, it is better to and webmaster statistics.

2 can provide at least 3 months of income details (if the webmaster says income)

3, GG, baidu included normal (page included more is better)

4, the search engine traffic accounted for more than 70%. (this is very important)

5, site construction is less than half a year. (less than half a year, you buy rice or a program.)

6, acquisition type: potential station is better (picture station should be careful, take into account the cost of server or virtual space)

7, not blocked by GGAD and the big league (the ad is still Google’s most profitable),

8, must not to trade through the purchase price is the best choice of remittance! Taobao or intermediary is better

9, more than 8, that does not meet the conditions should be placed within the scope of the collection station, you must be wrong! Not your, do not force! Do not sell, even in and so on, stop!


– if you buy more than 5000 stations (actually the best 3000) do the best car to the signing of contract, in the acquisition of. After all, making money is not easy now,


, first make sure your domain name is successfully transferred, otherwise don’t waste your precious time!


there may be other considerations bar, I hope you will actively explore, so that fewer and fewer selling station liar! Let sincerely sell more and more stations!



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