Originally, such copy can be circulated in the circle of friends!

copy, is actually the terminology, general, web site operators is cannot do without copy, because of a widely reprinted article, may bring unexpected potential customers for the site, so an attractive copy is many SEO practitioner needs a good part of the study. For the Hefei talent network editors, their work is still in the pseudo original, find a user might be interested in this article, a switch statement, becomes an updated, but this article is a copy of


let Xiaobian say, good copywriting are generally made of a powerful and unconstrained style thinking, with easy to understand, and even vulgar statements. But it is not your good copy, you can harvest the circle of friends welcome? No! Small friends, especially love to express the ancient literature, from time to time will send more classical style statement, although as a friend, I can not quite understand, but in order to express respect and praise it the standard equipment. But from the perspective of Web site operators, in a friend a good article, and can not be called a good copy, because the circle of friends who forwarded it, at most, saw the first few words, like a "good talent", and then quietly exit. So you webmaster, don’t think, "the more you don’t understand, the more people appreciate", this in itself is a misunderstanding.


want to be praised "talented", a book that article was enough, because no one can understand it; but many people want to be read, and spontaneous retweet it that you want to spend much more time, after all, no one is willing to reprint a useless article to the private sector, so webmaster friends, in a powerful and unconstrained style thinking behind, please think about "spread in the circle of friends is what copy"


1, wow, that’s how lemon works. – practical articles, browsing, absolutely no problem,

do not consider what our users will be, even if the small series I, encountered some practical articles, can not help forwarding to the circle of friends. So from the practicality of the compilation of the copy, there will be users appreciate, but you can not copy and products involved? Such as Anhui talent network editor wrote a "lemon multi-purpose", although many sister paper will forward it, but they never click on the site so deep consideration. Practical copywriting and related industries is the kingly way.


2, do not seat, be scolded animal, let not let is my freedom – hot information, the concern of the people are definitely a lot,

on the night of June 13th, a video of a bus brawl was on the Internet. It happened on the bus in Fuzhou. An old man because of his young girl didn’t give up his seat, "shouted to the girl, wild animals as" extremely bad attitude. And the girl replied, "come on!"

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