Depth secret to enhance the site conversion rate of 3 truths

The purpose of

website optimization is to guide users into the website, successfully complete the transaction, and ultimately achieve the goal of profit.

in the process the first step is to research the target market, who is the object of study of user groups, the market can understand the needs of users through specific data, Internet search data, site data, line can be realized to improve the conversion rate, of course, Jane SEO to remind the other really is not so easy, but still have to insist on doing so:


one. Clear target groups,

in the source to understand who is your site target user groups, and then the accurate flow promotion, targeted customer groups to provide valuable information of goods or services on the web, rather than some irrelevant people in guide.

1. understands user intent

users through understanding the quality of the brand, and then suggest communication, communication through the smooth completion of product features, and then consider whether it is appropriate, can meet the demand, and finally complete the transformation.

for search users, according to the user search source to understand user needs,

, such as the user search for certain brands of products, may have the following circumstances,

A. may be users have done a lot of information contrast, want to understand the brand products.

B. users want to find a good seller

C. users listen to friends recommend, want to know the brand product pictures, functions, cost-effective.

D. users want to know about the brand’s reputation and so forth.

E. competitors understand the market.

of course, as to which one is possible, on this basis, the site with appropriate online service function, in order to successfully understand the user’s intentions clearly, so as to solve the website lack of product information or services.

2. guides the target user

After understanding the intentions of the target user group,

may pass through the website transformation point to maximize the retention or guidance of users to further understand the product or service information, or directly introduce the communication phase.

when a user of a product’s features are described in great detail, users want to further understand the function of visual products, this video is probably the best solution, can further dispel doubts about the function of the user product.

two. Maximum retention of users

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes, beauty by beautiful dress, the first impression is the color.


1. color psychology

OK, SEO thinks color has a significant impact on people’s attitudes and emotions. What kind of user groups does the website target?

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