nadvertently inserted willow willow shady, is the new station inspection period

there is a love called "letting go", this is the best way to treat new sites. New sites, unlike old station, want to go, every day optimization, update every day, every day to do the chain, and so on. The major search engines want is a sense of reality, especially Baidu, Baidu is the largest flow of search engines, but also the most stringent, so our new station should have a sense of reality.

a newly built new station is like a baby, everything is new, nothing needs modification, let nature take its course. This is a kind of reality that the search engine likes. This way it feels like this website, and it feels like you’re actually doing it.

is a newly born baby can speak directly? Can a walk run? The answer is yes, of course not, it’s all the same, the new station into Baidu, go with the flow, excessive modification blindly actually be counterproductive, because it is the original intention of the search engine needs to be a collection of true and earnest website, rather than a waste site, so this is also friends, need is a sense of reality, understanding these new sites can slowly grow healthy.

as a novice webmaster, should understand these, because only understand these, can have a good attitude to deal with new sites. As an old webmaster he will come with a new station, and as a novice webmaster he experienced less, so do only this site will take care with every day to dream, quickly improve website ranking to get a lot of traffic, this is actually a disservice.

some people say that the first child is a test, this sentence is right, but also some people say that parents have all the love for the first child, this sentence is right. Needle for the first child, and the novice webmaster management of their first web site. We all know that excessive indulgence, children grow up never promising, and sometimes become parents drag. Generally the only child spoiled will also affect the social atmosphere, take some time ago the child open it, for a time the news media are all children exaggerated performances, some children even to death parents don’t have two children, so that children grow up to have what ambition? But the parents were also very helpless…… A new station should go to love, let it go, let it grow up alone, we only need to update some good articles every day new original, occasionally to some platform to send some chain line, of course, the chain must not be too much, this also and friends who understand as well a person to a strange place he would suddenly have a lot of good friends? The answer is yes, No. So a new line never GF chain, because it is the excessive optimization search engine will put you in the end is cheating, Baidu Shahe spend more time in general, Baidu’s Shahe period was three to six months, sometimes even more, if the optimization over what kind of cheating, then look in the sandbox the time will be very long.

as a new station, the novice most

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