The only way for a novice to stand

twenty-first Century is a century Internet quite developed, we all know now as long as you can on the Internet is like a hair, can not guarantee you to be a billionaire, but you can be sure you can become a millionaire. Now the webmaster around us can be said to be countless. After all, whether as desire, and earn their own pot of gold, I dare not easily decided.

the day before yesterday afternoon, I would like to be a webmaster friend and ask me to help him do a website. After listening to him, I feel that this friend wants to earn his first pot of gold from the internet. Because his ideas and ideas are clear and correct, he will succeed if he sticks to it. "But what he lacks is experience and technology," he said. "It’s a sore place.". For this reason, I would like to write this article to share my feelings with you:

first: want to do a website, or want to do a lot of Web site, even if it is like NetEase or sina. You’d better start with a simple website. Don’t go to pay someone to find a large site at the start, then go to their operation, problems encountered on the way, not to help you solve (now late a lot of Web custom-made business maintenance and technical guidance are not in place), eventually lost confidence. When you have the feeling, then invest in the big money, so that the probability of success is greater.

second: many webmaster can say even HTML language tags are not very understand, he wants to do is to think you?! so what should be done? My advice is to buy a very cheap website template (here remind, when buying templates do not buy too expensive, less than 50 yuan. ) do not buy when you want him to provide the entire process of technical support, otherwise you might as well go online to the next free of charge. This web site you will spend a little time soon to the construction site of the basic things to learn, because if you constantly find themselves are likely to spend a long time not to say, than the people you know, probably a few months later, you can do a big website. With a bit of funds and soon the idea can be successful.

third: a new site for investment, my principle is 100 yuan (50 yuan +20 yuan +30 template technology domain element space) fix a website, then you learn to do station, this investment and income is clear, very cost-effective. 100 dollars is very small for all, but you learn a lot. You can use this small station to make money, and then slowly bigger. I came at the same step at the beginning.

fourth: I hope you will make a very good and experienced webmaster friend. Why? Because a novice webmaster will meet many thorny issues, once met, there is no way to solve it, your confidence and original spirit, will be a substantial decline even without. In this way, your plan for a business venture may be ruined. Therefore, to find a good webmaster is also more important!


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