Webmaster training, novice webmaster lead

As one of the chief leader in the field of

ADMIN5 station network, its development has not deviated from the route to the webmaster guidelines, and a way to stop the search sites are more suitable for the majority of owners and communication, in addition to providing information channel and Trade Forum let the webmaster friends gather together, stationmaster net is also taking other such as training and gathering line and other activities, but no matter who are just getting started, the bitterness and boredom only experienced people to experience. While the novice are looking forward to grow up to be a real master, through their own hard and all learning, they are looking forward to have a good platform to let them out of the confusion and confusion of the early site, stationmaster net webmaster training plays a role for the old owners, training activities enable them to find their own shadow, encourage more steadfast to do stand, more careful to do things; for the novice to learn the basic knowledge of the early site, also won the majority of the human resources, through lecture graph king to let them find a power, let them full of confidence to continue moving forward as a webmaster, webmaster friends guide.

Figure the king will give a lecture QQ

when each training started, although the content is similar, but runs through a thought: how to adhere to the personal webmaster do website. King Wang in the lecture very deep to some of the examples around us, let us really realize that the Internet is around us. Some myths about the Internet, some miracles, the king did not exaggerate, nor hide, but to describe a foreground to everyone, the direction to you. As we all know, only down-to-earth to do their own website, stick to their own way, so that success in centrifugal is not far, if we blindly indulge in other people’s success and lessons, and not doing it, it becomes empty talk, not ADMIN5 that stationmaster net work style, nor is the webmaster of the Road, we must remember the experience of their predecessors, draw lessons from experience, to those suffering and happiness, firmly believe that belief in mind, believe they can do. At the same time the king told us a map station must diligently, to succeed or must pay the others can not understand the cost or sacrifice, so I always forget about his work a little brother every day in his company until 2, at 3, is still so excited, I think this is the power of faith, as long as we adhering to their own beliefs to fight all the suffering of the road will soon be past. Perhaps this also shows that ADMIN5 and many nameless webmaster can make good reason, I think whether it is business or website, we need to get down to practice, and when they had experienced groundless talk, enjoy the joy of the rainbow and mood, only understand their own.

learning process, we can feel the teacher and other teachers to hadronic simple words to novices most popular understanding, so that we can quickly in the face of some relative professional knowledge digestion, and combined with the individual student website to analyze and >

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