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from the previous domestic business incubator do not know for what, in the last two or three years the incubator is hot, then to the rational regression from the beginning of last year and mature, when we comb the development process Chinese incubator, it is not open around the "innovation field" created by Li Kaifu and young teacher. In September 2009, Dr. Li Kaifu introduced the American technology incubator model into China and entered the public view. Then, a series of concepts such as incubator and angel investment were popularized. Innovation works in the next 8 years, not only to provide the necessary funding for young entrepreneurs, but also to provide technology, products, market, business of early legal, financial and human full range of investment management services, opened the prelude to the domestic business incubator industry.


now many sites have a vicious circle, it is the site of the flow is not small, but profitable ability is very weak, many owners complain about their bad luck, but I think this is not a matter of luck, but did not grasp the website operation wisdom, following the author has to talk about how to make the website profit several methods to maximize the

is the positioning of the site is not a very simple thing, we must first consider the needs of users, and then consider these users can bring us traffic and popularity, brand effect even these users can expand their web site! Finally we should consider to satisfy the specified user demand, or to meet most of the needs of people! The author believes that the site location must be combined with their own advantages, to select the target user, of course, the target users have considerable popularity, if very small, it is difficult to bring considerable profits to the website

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is becoming more and more rational and mature with the development of venture capital field, and more and more attention has been paid to the management after investment. As the domestic business incubator Innovation workshop leader, Dr. Li Kaifu in the lead, since its inception in 2009, has always been to help youth entrepreneurship, build a comprehensive business platform in China, puts forward the earliest "investment + service" business model, to create a Chinese business incubator operation first, promote Chinese technology entrepreneurship culture development.

website positioning and profit model is often at the same time thinking, and is not a simple website positioning, to determine the website profit pattern! When thinking about the profit model, must according to the target user needs to develop, such as technical type of site, it can be through the web site to sell some training books, technology the data or to profit, of course, also can do some of the technical aspects of the advertising links and so on, in a word, to determine the profit model, we must consider the needs of users! Instead of webmasters to see which product is profiteering, do what kind of products, looks very promising, but rarely able to form effective flow

is a former United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO, UK project experts and Fuhua financial holding investment manager. In 2015, China’s ten largest angel investor ranked second, and in 2016, China’s ten major early investors were second.


many sites profit model has a very serious problem, the most obvious problem is the positioning of the site and the site of the profit model is too large, such as some professional, highly technical website, but sell slimming products on the website, selling TV stick and so on, to see these products very high profit however, because the user’s location is based on high technology, is very low for this demand, or can be ignored, therefore, the profit model must be chosen and site location closely linked to

"review the 8 years since the inception of the Innovation workshop, no matter how many times the outside world has defined us, what we have done is one thing: finding opportunities for business and helping entrepreneurs grow.". "Innovation works partner Lang Chunhui good edge Street No. 0, said," in the past ten years, from the Internet to the mobile Internet, the development of science and technology Riyiyueshu, external environment change quickly, change a lot, of course, we will timely adjust, not immutable and frozen but what we did, is still the same, there has been no change. "

one: identify the site’s location, because the site determines the site’s profit model



day before the US venture capital data company CB Insights announced the latest global Unicorn companies list, two start-up companies: China innovation works investment in early Q& A quiz website "known" and the joint office space company "Hugo workshop" on the list, becoming the 2017 Chinese Unicorn new star.

selected the target user, the next step is how to position the content and style of their own website, and the content and style must be the target user’s needs, such as you need to understand why these target users come to your website you provide what the smoke content to attract these users, and you should have a good user experience, let users come to your website, it came to his home

Lang Chunhui, Innovation workshop partner, Internet association Marketing Branch distinguished expert committee member. Bachelor of automatic control, Beijing University of Technology, Peking University, MBA.

second: according to website positioning to determine the website profit model

this is just the innovation works investment 300+ startups "Gemini", when we look at today’s hot Mobell bicycle, and by the end of 2016, successfully listed in Hong Kong, valuation of over HK $40 billion US chart, the early.

and the advertising content of the website is too much, and it will also affect the user’s experience. According to the theory of communication, the best way of advertising should not be rigid advertising, but better to put in


‘s investment accounts for half or more of innovation workshops,

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