Continuous entrepreneur Wang Chenyun readme from genius boy to 30 years old bankruptcy, business mus

1. Get to know yourself correctly,

three, execution determines success or failure

Wang Chenyun describes his thirty year old thirty years of age: "for pride and pole to face me, is really a lifetime blow."

out of vanity

, after examining himself correctly and making practical plans according to his own circumstances. The real war has just begun, a better plan, and a perfect review of itself. If there is no execution

"the result is some investment company CEO overhead, the capital chain also broken."…… Finally, I sold out all my own cars and houses, and even sold my parents’ only house."

Wang Chenyun of the I horse describe those crazy days: "I can understand the feeling of vanity bursting, most of the time, very good use, can be a reasonable arrangement. So took many years of savings as angel investors everywhere, invested a total of 19 projects, in addition to e-commerce, the Internet, but also includes tourism, jewelry, film and television media, women’s colleges and so on. Oneself do not manage these companies again, do not have meeting with employee, meeting with shareholder is not very dedicated also, do not enter a company for a long time. At the same time, outside the blind, playing luxury car, please the driver, 3 beauty assistant……"

Wang Chenyun, 15 years old, began Internet business, known as "network legend juvenile", 18 years old earned tens of millions, and later sell gifts, selling health products, so that he earned more wealth. Wang Chenyun’s story is as good as the legendary Internet startup story, and he himself continues to swell in his dream until it breaks like a bubble…

‘s journey without destination is ultimately doomed to nothing in exhaustion. So it’s important to tailor a workable plan for yourself. However, we can not blindly formulate some goals that can not be achieved at all. According to the reality of the situation, blind, doomed to mediocrity.

once Wang Chenyun to know each big coffee proud. About half of the company’s founders are Wang Chenyun, a company known as a listed Chinese stock. In the past, Wang Chenyun held a national Internet Conference in Shanghai every year, with at least 1000 people participating in it, and a group of flashy organizations, chambers of Commerce – that was Wang Chenyun.

according to their own circumstances, for themselves to develop practical life planning, which is a successful step must be experienced, should pay enough attention to.

Network Star Kang these years, with the healthy industry rising trend of rapid development, in the interview, Wang Chenyun big health trend judgment is very clear, and have executive power. People can not imagine, in front of the clear thinking of successful entrepreneurs, in a few years ago "madness" – he was excessive and waste management business, because their worth tens of millions of break the pale to be destroyed on one day at the age of thirty, can only rely on borrowed money.

correct understanding of yourself, this is only the beginning. In the correct understanding of themselves, we must according to their own circumstances, and then in accordance with the surrounding environment, their own ability to develop their own scope to make the future value of life.

though: failure is the mother of success, it has been a success after failure, and it is more admirable. However, who is most willing to fail? Who does not want a business success, a famous battle? However, how to say goodbye forever failure, let success forever stay in their side? In the early days, we have to think about the following issues:

focus on success

in fact, whether it’s life or work, our greatest enemy is always ourselves. Is the so-called self-awareness he knows, baizhanbudai, to completely overcome their final success of the hall, so we must have a clear understanding of their own. Do not know yourself only in the eyes of others or in your mouth, so that you always have a certain deviation from your true self. In this way, your final result will only be lost in the eyes of others, and in the end, even your original goal will be forgotten.

had no dreams in life, and Wang Chenyun ended up being punished".

, this is not what we want. We want clear, correct understanding of ourselves. Instead of losing your original goal. If you know yourself correctly, you will have to examine your strengths and weaknesses from the bottom of your heart, and don’t have a one-sided view. From the whole to have a thorough analysis of their own, other people’s knowledge of their own can be used as a reference, but can not rely entirely on others, after all, really understand their own people or their own.

, as Pu Shu sings in the commonplace Road, "I’ve ruined everything for me"…

didn’t focus on losing Wang Chenyun’s position. As a serial entrepreneur, he lost the dedication and humility of the entrepreneur.

two, according to their own circumstances, to develop a practical plan of life

It is important for our future success that

introduction Chen Yun is the star network founder Kang, network star mall was founded in 2011, December 28, 2012 officially renamed the "star network Kang", Wang Chenyun said to the net star made "health Kang products in the field of public comment".

finds out his strengths and shortcomings and looks at himself correctly. So, if, before, you did not have a comprehensive understanding of yourself, then, in order to later happy life, please start from now on for yourself to do a thorough anatomy.


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