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 :     according to foreign media reports, on Monday, the U.S. Yahoo Corp launched a display advertising tool that allows advertisers to target more targeted audiences to release display ads.

Paz said, now the Yahoo Corp have been able to lock the user’s behavior of advertising target audience, which makes the display advertising is no longer a brand of propaganda, and users can lead to more direct reaction.

, how do I get 200 thousand IP from 0?.

I was about a year ago this time begin to do a website, I apply for the domain name 99sd. non AD, think it is AD, please administrator shielding meters!

then spent with tremendous effort efforts, do Zhengzhou local web site, very naive in doing. I didn’t have the money to buy a virtual host. Coincidentally, a relative is SP, there is a server in his company, it opened a space above, petty thief with. After all, not my parents. No, take your nerve and use it. Think of such a good resource, why not do it, secretly do it?.

YAHOO, which is called SmartAds, is mainly for non search display advertising.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

reports that the new display ads will appear on the ad League partner’s Web site as well as on YAHOO’s Web site. There is also a potential future for newspapers in partnership with YAHOO, as well as two other important partners, eBay and Con Kast.

Paz says two of America’s three biggest airlines have begun using the Yahoo Corp system to buy display ads.

in addition, if the user is looking for from Dallas to Phoenix ticket information, advertisement contents can display the latest ticket price information, advertising will also appear on the "tickets" button.

according to this tool, advertisers can publish highly targeted ads based on the age, sex, location and online behavior of web browsers.

is worth mentioning that, Yahoo Corp launched in February this year, a new search advertising background "Panama", the new platform allegedly raised the correlation between search advertising and user keywords.

Yahoo Corp spokeswoman · German; Potts said, the future, a person in San Francisco, in the YAHOO channel hybrid car will be displayed a woman from the San Francisco area car dealer advertising, which will show the car survival type and price information. In addition to advertising content, advertisers can also tailor the background color of the ad, so as to better suit the characteristics of female audiences.

previously, YAHOO’s advertising platform can be targeted at the user’s geographic information, demographic characteristics and other information targeted advertising. This time, Yahoo Corp has adopted a brand new technology patent has been applied, which allows advertisers to easily complete real-time advertising. In addition, the third party advertising creative companies will also provide advertisers with various forms and content of advertising templates and programs.

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