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Losangeles business circle in 2014 ushered in a history of the year. According to the SFC and various media public information, last year, Losangeles start-up financing amounted to more than $3 billion 40 million, nearly three times the $1 billion 55 million in 2013. In addition to giants like Snapchat get 486 million dollars in financing, there are more than 250 startups have got their seed round or subsequent round of investment, the amount of financing 172 are more than $1 million.

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Abstract: the Losangeles venture circle ushered in a year of making history in 2014. According to the SFC and various media public information, last year, Losangeles start-up financing amounted to more than $3 billion 40 million, nearly three times the $1 billion 55 million in 2013.


not only financing active, withdrawal situation is gratifying. In addition to TrueCar and Rubicon finally ushered in their own IPO, a total of more than 80 companies quit, of which Conversant 2 billion 200 million and Internet Brands 1 billion 100 million acquisition of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars. Public project withdrawal amount has reached 5 billion 889 million, an increase of 430% over 2013. No wonder Peter Taylor, the famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur and best-selling author, from 0 to 1, recently mentioned frequently that the entrepreneurial environment in Losangeles was undervalued as a whole. As he told the Losangeles times in his opinion, "if regional entrepreneurship is like stocks," I would sell New York short and buy Losangeles".

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in addition to funds, Losangeles’s overall entrepreneurial environment is booming. In addition to more incubators and shared office space, the South African region has graduated more than the northern California engineering technology and design talents, and has become an important factor in the sound development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Losangeles mayor Eric Garcetti said with complacency: 2014 is the Losangeles science and technology, because startups explosive growth in Losangeles employment pattern becomes more healthy, the unemployment rate decreased to 2%.

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from the finance data in 2014, Losangeles start-ups active mainly in the areas of social health care 21, 12, real estate 13, software services 35, electricity 30, digital media 26, mobile phone 27, advertising, consumer services 21 26 the game, 18, 10 in several areas of fashion. Comparing the data of 2013 and 2012, Losangeles is compared with the active areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, New York and so on

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