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"one of the things I’ve learned recently is to slow down – especially for us. I believe we are a special team and do something special. We’ve found products and markets, and I’m the kind of person who wants to do something important and improve life step by step. One thing I think, especially as a company of CEO, is not everyone like me. Of course, this is not a bad thing. You have to be able to manage people who are different from you, and I need to demonstrate my leadership style so that I can adapt to a variety of other styles."

      September 13th message, I used car network CEO Yong executive editor of Internet week ago said yesterday. "The Internet industry celebrity topic third contention of a hundred schools of thought" activities, organizational structure and core competence of the network media and print media different determines the development direction of different competition, print media in the past by Content Alliance to network media and did not succeed, to win the rapid development is to rely on the print media itself.

Laura Weidman Powers is co – founder and chief executive officer of Code2040, a technology diversified non-profit organization also senior policy adviser to the White House chief technology officer, Megan Smith,

      he said that with the development of new media technology, the website is not only the role of managers, has also become a guide, users in Web2.0 website comments precisely reflects the propagation characteristics of the site.

leadership experience: appropriate decentralization can help your team solve new challenges,

      September 12th, IT Time editorial director Zhang Li, chief editor of IT168 Geng Yingying, I used car network CEO Yong executive editor of Internet Weekly before guest Tencent technology "contention of a hundred schools of thought print media and online media" on the editorial policy, reporting strategy, relationship and future development are discussed.

One of the joys of

      around the current session of the core topics of discussion, guests elaborate their unique views.

leadership goals: looking for perspective from the entire political resource

      he said the competition between print media and online media is fierce, but the print media still has room for development. These spaces are excellent print media that have the advantage of content. In the situation of competition is greater than cooperation, a small number of excellent

‘s CEO share their leadership experience learned in 2016 and their leadership goals planned for 2017.

"I want to be a better listener.". Just past the election highlights our national differences, which is more serious than I realized, this means that in order to Sustain success, no matter what their political beliefs, I need a better understanding of all women how to handle their sexual health and reproductive health problems. Since reproductive rights remain a polarizing issue, listening to both sides will be my main task for 2017".

leadership experience: adapting to a diversity of leadership styles that are different from your own

‘s 2016 was that the Code2040 leadership team accelerated the growth of management organizations in an amazing way. I spent six months on vacation to join the Obama administration, during which time everyone in the Code2040 team kept the organization functioning efficiently in a master role. The executive team and project leader, in particular, not only strengthen their responsibilities, but also convey their beliefs in an encouraging way. I know that for all of the team, this experience has given us new insights into how to share responsibility, work together, exercise our collaborative leadership skills, and respect for the diversity of team strengths".

      from the Internet before switching to the weekly executive editor I net CEO, Che Yong said that the site is currently undertaking belongs to Web2.0 mode, creating concern of user content, through the design of the framework, according to the performance and the position of the collective wisdom of the user decides the content, the website itself in editorial content will be less. In addition, website function planning, user needs understanding and adaptation are also important aspects of work.

, Tristan, Walker, Walker, &, co-founder and CEO of Company Brands:

      network media on the speed and depth of the print media, Che Yong believes that this is actually a problem of cultivating core competence of different organizations, the core development ability of two kinds of organizations each are not the same, do not worry will replace each other.

Meika Hollender, co – founder and CEO of female friendly condom brand Sustain Natural:

leadership objectives: provide constructive feedback,

      he said that the media from the organization structure, cost structure, is the pursuit of speed and timeliness and interactivity. No matter how many years of development, the core ability of training is quick reaction and interactive ability. But the print media pursues the way of storytelling, the ability to judge the problem statement, the ability to collect information and the ability to analyze, which are important differences between the two sides.

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