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in the past more than 10 years, Ren Zhengfei’s annual year-end summary speech will be widely circulated. What classic words did Ren Zhengfei speak in this year’s speech,

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recently, HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei delivered a speech at the 2017 Conference on market work, sharing HUAWEI’s core principles of market operations and organizational efficiency.


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below is Ren Zhengfei speech memoir:

he said, "in the junior staff, can be warm and happy, happy ordinary, because they are commanded, unless they are ambitious, or be eliminated. What does "ordinary" mean? Relatively speaking, the income is not high, but it is also enough to spend, because there are different treatment according to different responsibilities and different contributions. However, the senior cadres, experts and the pursuit of the low and mid-level staff, should have the courage to go into the torrent, to learn all the experienced people, of course, also can learn from the market, they in the state of the war, the hard region is not far away from your family? Since the mind will, there will be pay."

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I am glad that we have made great progress in the past year. I am also pleased that in the new year, we have become aware of ourselves. Beginning of the new year, the sound of gunfire, from the president’s office E-mail 001 document "less impetuous, in-depth depth" began, Wang Shengqing’s artillery to greet the new year. Zou Zhilei, Wang Shengqing also invited four, fifty netizens discussion, yesterday, they have posted interviews to the voice of the community, I think it is very profound, we are actively participating in the design of the future of HUAWEI.

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if you dare to speak the truth, is a generation of star shine, not afraid of being hit. May be a period of time, part of the region will suffer setbacks, but sooner or later will shine.

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in his speech, Ren Zhengfei first mentioned the requirement is to firmly abide by the eight cadres and cadres, and now referred to the social impetuous atmosphere, but found that HUAWEI employees people still speak the truth inside, "we need more staff to tell the truth, I am glad to see a lot of people in the community, their speech does not wear a vest. That company has already begun to tell the truth of the atmosphere. If you dare to speak the truth, is a generation of star shine, not afraid of being hit."

what is the future? There are profitable growth, cash flow profits, remove the impetuous cadres, change to the level of customer service. We must constantly streamline processes and improve efficiency. We focus on the recognition of the two systems: one is the GTS has made great progress, although at the beginning, but let me see the light; the other is the 170 national accounts are, more than 170 kinds of currency in circulation, $1 trillion, the error rate is 100 times lower than the bank, there are social evaluation than the bank’s level is high, it is very great. Last year, we passed the Interim Regulations on the "11.30 sunset law", and many netizens reported HUAWEI approval

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