Comprehensive analysis of the day to earn 500 yuan project scamU.S. mission network founder Wang Xin

years ago, when the first time someone asked Wang Xing what is the advantages of entrepreneurship, he Leng for a long time out two words "brave", he interrupted his studies at University of Delaware in the United States in 2003, took the university dormitory bunk brother Wang Huiwen to start a business, not just learning programming. Each time it ended in failure.

Wang Xing didn’t give up. On the one hand, he passed around to find the relationship between trying to restore no meal service; on the other hand, Fanfou team is stepping up efforts to improve the product, but the products made no user feedback, no one knows what will happen tomorrow "fanfou". Until the next year’s meeting, when the huge unknown feeling hit, team members shed tears, Wang Xing also cried, he began to wait for dinner, no, while trying new business.

due to more users experience more rich, more and more high resolution advertising ability, to some common deception techniques surprising, especially some mass web site, it is not to look at, even reached as long as a look is sent to the web site, without thinking, psychologically refused, even friends of the recommended site whether true or false, this year poisoning people too much!. Therefore, the traditional way in today’s network Wangzhuan, the world has become the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival. Maybe you relive those years, all with their own Born Under A Bad Sign, not a few years ago contact network and website.

"there’s a spaceship going into endless space, not necessarily coming back. Are you going there?"


third, search engines are powerful.

may have a relatively small number of websites on the Internet, and if any site enthusiasts do their own "virgin station", even if only a few simple HTML pages, are excited. Everyone on the website, and domain knowledge in the perceptual stage, that is to say, only the feeling and subjective understanding to evaluate a quality of the site, and to decide whether to frequent the network in the future, or even directly register to become a member, participate in the interaction and communication. In this case, the promotion and development of the site, the objective resistance is relatively small. Although a considerable part of the site’s profit model is simple, and even simple, but because of the accumulation of a large number of people, so it is not difficult to make money online. Now, because of the simplification of the cost and technology, the number of websites has mushroomed.

first, the rich experience of Internet users.

second, the huge number of sites.


day to earn 500 yuan, this is a little small and medium-sized webmaster friends of the dream. But the passage of time, the Internet has not yesterday’s network in the world, there are some changes in factors is that we have to consider the day to earn 500 yuan the feasibility analysis the author mainly from the following six aspects: a brief analysis.

Wang continues to say, "any industry that hasn’t been changed by the Internet is going to be changed by the Internet."". But he will choose a more mature one

when the number of sites is small and less, the search engine for the web site is taken as a whole, and then did not even consider the content of a web site, how specific?. The purpose is to enrich the search resources as much as possible, to provide convenient search services for the majority of Internet users. But as search engines become more powerful, the number of sites is growing. Out of or in order to better serve the purpose of Internet users, to enhance the user experience and search accuracy, search engine rankings of the computing methods of major changes occurred, with a set of their own rules. It collects and ranks standards for websites

said its politically naive to any meal, rather than by Wang’s stubborn. Even under the pressure of a team and a career, he always followed his heart. Wang Xing knows his way of doing things is not local, but still reluctant to change. Fanfou was shut after half a year, when science and technology media Cheng Ling Feng asked him whether reopen, he replied: "the key depends on how I can change myself".

, at the end of the year at the end of 2009, Wang Xing cried.

faced the problem, Wang Xing answered without hesitation: "I must go."."

so, with the improvement of Internet IQ, the traditional effective cheating methods are becoming more and more unworkable.

it can be seen that, as long as it is a good quality web site, you can take the initiative to attract a lot of popularity and users, and now small and medium-sized websites are struggling to survive in the cracks.

Fanfou was shut down the Wang Xing watershed frustration is a sort of a small business for 10 years, but also a far-reaching foreshadowing — before that Wang is a geek, a serial entrepreneur, a geek that naturally change the world, "the information communication costs should tend to zero" idealism while the United States period; Wang Xing began to learn the traditional business management rules, using data driven high operation efficiency, reduce the sense of the unknown will be the ideal and commercial geek fusion and interaction.

in July 8th of that year, has millions of users of rice, no network was suddenly closed. At first, Wang Xing thought it would be better for two days, and he repeatedly asked and found that things were not as simple as he thought.

When the

has been left to Wang himself, he half jokingly said: "this is 10 years since I was 10 years old, then he paused for a moment to think seriously and then added," change from the people around you will feel more obvious."

was asked to change these years when Wang Xing, vice president of the U.S. group product, Wang Xing from the campus network era business partner Wang Huiwen said meaningfully: "people do not have what big stimulus, the heart does not have what change."

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