Michelle Lam the use of algorithms to help women choose the heart of underwearRipple old system shut

‘s frustrating shopping experience made Lam aware of the limitations and disadvantages of the store, giving her a full year to start thinking about the process. Finally, in early 2012, Lam Dolgin and Aarthi Ramamurthy with Dan True& founded Co. We mentioned in the previous article that this type of underwear vertical e-commerce model is rare, but it is worth mentioning that, True&, Co is not the first company to open up the industry. Previously, Vitoria’s secret and HerRoom have received much praise.

when I was standing in the store waiting for the salesperson to recommend other styles for me, I suddenly thought, "this is indeed the worst shopping experience."." Lam complains. However, since she began to store the goods and the efficiency of losing faith, True& Co has gradually entered the vision of other women.

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in the summer of 2011, Michelle Lam spent 2.5 hours trying to find the right lingerie in the locker room, in her own words, "it’s a time to change your life.". Then, Lam was deeply humiliated when she finally picked out one of the 20 pieces of clothing that suited her for a little while she could not satisfy herself. She left the shop in a hurry and never returned.

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Linda Becker underwear opened two stores in New York, but because of the huge potential value of electronic commerce, Becker as early as a year ago to apply for a "Lindathebralady" domain name, and then in the recently created their own independent shop. Becker says her online sales are two times the average, and some online customers have even visited her store. In addition, some customers choose to receive the help of customer service representatives by telephone to measure their size. "Becker" means <

system was closed in December 31, 2007, due to the reflection to the new membership system there are still many strange and puzzling operation, some aspects of the function and the new system introduced itself is not yet perfect, so the old system closing time delayed until January 15, 2008, during the period of new and old system operators at the same time. But ripple for traffic products only for members during the operation, the most cost-effective system billing. That is, once the flow type products are replaced, please do not double system delivery.

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since the birth of e-commerce, the industry began to be labeled. In the early days, many people thought that vertical e-commerce services could not be developed independently, because people at that time thought that department stores were the "kingly way". However, the emergence and rapid penetration of Zappos completely overturned the ideas of these people; the same thing happened in the optical industry. Before Warby Parker started a long period of time, regardless of industry or industry professionals, they are very sure that "glasses may not sell" in online mode, but this model is not only favored by investors, but also to the faster development of the growth. On the other hand, although the underwear is a more personal goods, but this vertical business model is also very rare.

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