How will SOSO biddingkeywords optimization to 9 points

then, after making the auction page, find the soso agent account, and then started my soso for the road, and after a month long bidding work, which has experienced several ups and downs, I finally succeeded in all the words are optimized to the quality score 9, today this time in summary the experience to share with you. Is the so-called without the truth, I will optimize the results posted for everyone to see.


however, here I have to mention Soso auction platform instability in our advertising on the line after third days, the platform there is a problem, the price is not displayed, but also some other strange questions, the most direct consequence is that I have a lot of keyword quality score was unexpectedly became 1 terrorist position it is really tangled, for a period of time, I even called to the headquarters of the Tencent, but ultimately can not give a reasonable explanation, however, when I’m desperate, a miracle happened, the quality score was finally restored to 7, but after a series of optimization work, finally the quality score of 9 points in the stable position. Well, now the optimization techniques are summarized to everyone:

after some consideration, I chose the soso auction, there are two reasons for choosing SOSO bidding. The first is because I heard soso most noble bidding imitation baby auction, I am more familiar with the noble baby bidding, wanted to quickly get started soso bid; followed by the soso index given the data looks good.

since the beginning of 2011, Google started a fierce K bidding account actions, I have hung 2 accounts, in order not to waste my time, I decided not to consider the Google auction. This time I will have to consider the change of bidding camp, we can not do the noble baby, just hang on a tree?



1, group of keywords, this grouping requirement is the key words must be a very high correlation, to Shanghai dragon tutorial as an example, with a set of keywords must be Shanghai dragon video tutorial, Shanghai dragon tutorial video tutorial download download, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix based tutorial, Wang Tong Shanghai, Shanghai Dragon learning tutorial Shanghai Dragon technology tutorials, tutorials, Shanghai dragon free tutorials, >

effect can also be right, not too bad

well, no ink, and now to share the process of optimizing the little drops of it. First of all, we must know that Soso bidding and bidding as the noble baby, the quality score is 10 points, the higher the quality score, the more the number displayed, click on the word price is low, the better ranking! Just open an account after I went to advertising, with noble baby bidding optimization experience, highly related to packet keywords, and keep the number of key words in 15 below, and write with the temptation of advertisements, by these means, let advertising a line after have a quality score 6 points.

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