As a successful optimization of staff you cannot be lack of skills

as a successful optimization analysis, you can not lack of skills

I want to declare a thing, search engine optimization and not a computer, but a branch belongs to marketing. For marketing you need a good communication ability. Have a good communication ability in order to optimize the superior communication and optimization work more smoothly. So as a optimization personnel, you need to understand the nature of their work, don’t always own a person in.

as the optimization personnel is not you have been hard work will have success, there is a class of optimization people I admire, that is how other people did not find the problem analysis, so as to optimize the staff you need to have the ability to analyze, analysis including their station background data points, the website data competitors. There is a search engine for analysis of these changes, whether you can strategist, winning thousands of miles away plays an important role. Many beginners start may only focus on their own web sites, including traffic, keywords etc.. But if we want more than competitors, it cannot be ignored for the analysis of competitors, analysis of traffic sources, keywords and so on, try to figure out the optimization strategy of competitors use.


optimization, we may think is a mysterious occupation, but with the development of the Internet, the search engine is constantly updated, now the search engine optimization is becoming very popular, for the optimization of knowledge, in the author’s opinion is not difficult to knowledge, compared to other industries than the threshold low, this knowledge is not difficult, it is about the choice of keywords in the station optimization, station optimization, search engine weight etc.. But the key is if you want to become a successful optimization, you can not be missing several important skills, below I will explain these skills.

favored search engine for high quality original content of most webmaster is deep, this kind of experience before I was not so strong now, before I do not have this feeling, but began to write in the A5 soft, he found that his writing continued to improve, in the A5 submission does not bring what directly the economic benefits to the author, but his experience and experience to write down, let the other peers return to their site also accumulate certain chain. So I suggest we should optimize the staff as to write some original content, in addition to the above said the benefits of writing often can also make you have a clearer idea about the website operation.

as a successful optimization, you can not be a lack of writing skills

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as a successful optimization, you can not lack of communication skills

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