Do site optimization met more than a year of six big worries

1, a new on-line website for nearly two months, but the love of Shanghai have been collected on the front page of the site, which included a bit do not see the article page page and product growth. The content of the update is the original update, the chain every day insist, even the love of Shanghai website snapshot is updated every day, love is not included in other pages in Shanghai. While Google included is very good, we do not know whether you encountered such troubles.

6, this is relatively common, this careless point of contact with real life friends, is when the site and other sites Links work, the other site was K, or is not long, bring some negative impact on their website, serious may be K’s own website.

2 is the first point, and in turn, is the article page and product page has been included, but the front page of the site has been included, site keywords ranking is difficult to talk about more, do not have to think about search engine marketing. This is for new or revised website is still relatively normal, but for the old station, Gao Gua is a danger signal, this is the webmaster worry two.

4, although the last Google PR update, but for the love of Shanghai, or Google, PR said the website ranking position has dropped down on the site or weight, but with other owners of Links exchange work, they said, your PR is too low, not suitable to my website friendship links, etc. the next update. This is special for new sites exchange Links very common, this is the webmaster worry four.

3, the website not ranking, website update may soon love Shanghai included on the page, may be included a few minutes, the spider crawling very frequently, but the words of the site is not home page, even ten pages can not find a trace, this is the webmaster worry three.

5, a website is collected, some owners may have not met before, is a website for a period of time, site is hovering at a certain value, unable to go to the website to add more included, from the long tail keywords for traffic will be hindered, worry five.

recently, have a long time to contribute in A5, one is the relationship between the two, is because of the recent problems in Shanghai love. Since the Google PR update again, love Shanghai appeared a lot of abnormal phenomenon, SITE website problems, and the time ranked one day changes of several position etc.. For each Chinese webmaster, love Shanghai will affect every act and every move your site’s ranking, and even web marketing. The recent love Shanghai certainly brought a lot of problems for many webmaster, many webmaster began headache, while for the website promotion of the website optimization, we often encounter this kind of trouble, today I come to meet some troubles in the process of the promotion to share in the website optimization:

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