Do you have the ability to master Shanghai dragon you can do the following 3 points

what is the chain? What is the station optimization? As a Shanghai dragon master must understand the essence of them. Called before the circle of popular words in the chain chain for the emperor king ", now seems to be nonsense. Now love Shanghai is of great importance to the user experience, pay attention to the original content of the site, if your web site to help users, experience is good, not what the chain can still leverage ranking. That said, the chain is of no value? That is not to say, the chain in some way above the optimization of website still plays a large role in the. The author analysis method about the station optimization and master site must have:

many novice webmaster made the same mistake, just do the site began to lead the spider, the chain began to write the article. So for a new station, it is difficult to withstand the sudden growth of the chain and a large number of updates. As a Shanghai dragon master, can not make the same mistake and novice webmaster, learn to observe and analyze.

, observation and analysis of

1. to observe the peer site, see the chain is where people do, and then observe their website optimization. Fully understand your opponent, in order to understand baizhanbudai.

2.I have seen many websites

Optimization of

some novice webmaster in website of observation and analysis, always check on the matter, wasting a lot of resources. As a master can’t make such a mistake, should use their resources, learn their methods. They do good at mining resources optimization, believe that people can do, we can.

article keyword are all of a sudden, or content and keywords to write not what relationship, read is not smooth, so the website user experience is certainly not good. Because of your content readabilityto websites at least to do. As a master.

three, the stationOptimization of

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, also have a lot of love for Shanghai’s own webmaster tools we use adsense. We can see the love of Shanghai webmaster tools inside a page optimization suggestion. As long as we use this tool to check your domain name, will prompt what needs to change, according to the relevant page code changes and CSS prompt adjustment. The optimized code is more concise, to the search engine grab.

Analysis of

Reasonable to join the site keyword

1. website codeSince

2. in Shanghai ranked some love good rival website, why people ranking is so good, the station optimization is in place or do the chain under the action of the ranking will be so good. The only reason analysis, to make their sites beyond them.

two, the chain resource optimization

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