Discussion how to optimize the website pages

three, column page. About the structure design, mainly divided into single page and portal two.

The structure design of Two, the optimization scheme of

1, a single page. In the single page design, to highlight the main content of related pages. In the design can be used in the two column, column, column supplement.

3, the optimization direction. About the direction of optimization, site optimization direction of different types are different. For example, enterprise station, application of long tail keywords in the column to hold in place, because it will affect the subsequent development of the website. If is the gateway station, proposed the optimization direction of up to my home to optimize.

2, page design. First of all, the page design must achieve graphic, sound and color effect. Secondly, the best original page content. If the video content, must be able to smooth playback. In addition, we can also add some share class plug-in etc.. By these means, the content of the page can also enrich the.

4, the chain of friends. About the friends of the chain, in the premise of a good amount, can the related links of industry. As for why to control the number of Nizi here will not explain, you know.

The design of

1, the direction of development. About the direction of development, mainly refers to the ER we Shanghai dragon to carry out related work according to the positioning column. For example, the column page exists in the form of a column, then the development direction to the direction of the column to consider. If the column page as a product rollout, to integrated product information, so the development direction to the overall direction of the site to consider.


portal. This kind of website construction and home style consistent, specific.

chain. For small and medium-sized enterprises on the station said, Nizi advice is not less than 10 and not more than 20. The specific link layout we can refer to love Shanghai encyclopedia.

Control of 3, in the control of

1, the head of the website. In the head, can include keywords, title, description and related content. If the point of view of the visitors from the site to consider, in the design process, can only do accurate title, let search engine automatically grab, and then automatically be displayed.

column. Including the head, page design, chain, chain etc..

2, design direction. About the design direction, the main point is to firmly grasp the key words, according to the established keywords, will extend the design direction along the keywords to proceed.

a girl, said the optimization scheme on a web page today, to share the optimization direction of column page with you girl. In fact, when do the optimization of the home page, column page optimization is relatively easy to. Optimization on the column page, my plan is mainly from three aspects to share with you.

, a website design program. Mainly includes the following three aspects:

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