A good website optimization technique is the site weight gas station

space is stable, the path is standard, the layout is standard, whether the structure has level, the title is reasonable, these are the basis of website optimization. As the saying goes, Great oaks from little acorns grow., only the basic optimization is done, it is more conducive to weight lifting.


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many enterprises has content of poor quality, update the irregular site, real search engine will be right down. In fact, a number of the renewal of the site, to a certain extent is determined by the type of site and the nature of the industry, the information portal station or station every day of the update is indeed greater than the enterprise station. But in the quality of content, there are many acquisition, will be assessed as search engine spam, will pull down the entire site score, cause the weights of the website is cleared.

whether novice or veteran, are very concerned about how to improve site weight. Some sites on the line for a very long time, but also insist that every update article, weight and ranking is the "marking time", which can not worry? Jindo Shanghai dragon company experts website optimization techniques for effective, the weights of the site "to refuel".

users vote as long as the user of the site refers to the satisfaction score. From the users to the site of the moment, has been "scoring", such as the website open speed, page design, pictures, links and so on, will affect the user experience of the site. In other words, optimize these details, satisfy customer demand, is most conducive to weight lifting.



The users vote chain voteIs there content quality

above is the method to improve the weights of the website, I hope to give you some inspiration!

the meaning of the chain, the weight transfer to other sites on their web site through a link, thereby increasing the web of trust. The enterprise station itself not much number of pages, so the importance of the chain is self-evident. Usually in addition to the chain of the best, to strengthen the construction of the high quality of the chain, such as chain, chain or soft outside the chain and so on.


based optimization

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