How is the general construction site outside the chain

, the less well-known SNS community

photo sharing websites is a rising field in recent years, as long as the installation of the site in the browser favorites in the plug-in, you can take some pictures whenever and wherever possible on your site to share these platforms, and take pictures of the source link. For more pictures website, absolutely can not miss such a platform. At present, several well-known sites are petals, excuses, I love, whisper, happy collection. At the same time because this type of website to share properties is relatively strong, so the search engine might think that the real meaning of higher recommendation. You can refer to 贵族宝贝, the author in the optimization of the site, collected a number of photo sharing websites, so that the chain structure on the website, but can find some pictures to share platform.

three, light blog

two, photo sharing sites

I believe we all know, the chain is excellent, generally by the link of whether the user really recommend recommended decision. But to be very accurate to judge whether the chain users really recommend, the current search engine technology, it is clearly impossible. Therefore, the breadth of the chain becomes crucial. After all, the chain as a voting site, the more number of votes, then will be more natural. Just imagine, if a web site outside of the chain are all from a handful of classification information, then the search engine is not stupid.

light blog is a new interactive platform to appear in the last year, compared with the conventional light blog blog, with the deletion rate is low, the operation is convenient, the amount included.

a lot of people for the understanding of the SNS community is nothing more than micro-blog, watercress, renren贵族宝贝 these. But these sites as we all know, we are doing, so the chain of this is not what meaning. At the same time in order to increase the breadth of the chain, so the weight of the first point, excellent selection of high visibility SNS community is the construction of the chain website. Some web sites such as the industry SNS zone, 365 tribal class design, business class business, and commercial district network, collect this type of platform can not only improve the breadth of the chain, but also can improve the relevance of the chain, the best of both worlds.


therefore, the breadth of the chain must be as the site of the key requirements. But with the development of the Internet, the author found that more and more pressing platform to start the implementation of foreign chain, have to link with the nofollow label, or even directly. Led to the construction of the chain source of many owners become more and more narrow, only a few every day in the classified information, B2B site outside the chain. Therefore, in such a situation, if the construction of the chain more "ordinary", then it would be better than competitors. So how to construction site outside the chain of non general, which is outside the chain of non general

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