For Links to say Shanghai is not important snapshot

is a screenshot of the site is 9.9, and if your website snapshot has been number 10 (today No. 11) so that you may love the site have been Shanghai crawl, but now the site does not exist the index value, the simple point that you Links this "vote" is still in love Shanghai did not become the index database. Your vote has been ratified, and his vote do not know what time can take effect! You and Links backward people exchange is not eating.

algorithm index value is called a snapshot of the search engine ranking rules are not released, but the current observation is not updated snapshot of the site, until that day snapshot update ranking will fluctuate or say they have an indirect relationship rather than the direct relationship between the inevitable.

Speaking of

for Links love Shanghai snapshot is not less important recently issued "on the Shanghai love love Shanghai snapshot problem some explains" made a very clear explanation for the love Shanghai love Shanghai grab and update of the "index". I do not refer to specific words, but in my understanding about two meanings, first, grasp and snapshot update is not performed at the same time second, love Shanghai grabbed may not have the index is also called "snapshot but often important updates", will quickly establish index. In fact, the problems that I love in Shanghai still have questions, but these are not our focus today. Today we are focused on, since these are out of the Links so we also should not care about the snapshot. For Links to say Shanghai is not an important snapshot? The answer is still important.

You said

algorithm will start with heavy crawling. We envision a situation like this, if you and a snapshot of a month behind the exchange Links, your other data is not the same as the snapshot will then ask spider crawling your site is updated every day as long as each link? Love Shanghai should grab spider back is to see your high quality is not high. From the understanding, a website snapshot not update and the important content of page updates is not very big, so can understand this: this snapshot backward website exists only grab value index value does not exist.

In fact, for the

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

I think the above text is somewhat obscure, believe that the algorithm is a read. I have an example. Love is still important for Shanghai Links! As (Figure 1) this is a snapshot of the Links, while the actual Links (Figure 2) for

search engine algorithm I is scanty, but believe me the people must know what the snapshot and the weight have Never mind.

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